Have you ever felt that anxious feeling prior to visiting a dentist or beginning something new? Perhaps you have felt jittery if you have to speak in front of a group of people. Maybe thoughts of the future leave you with sweaty palms.

Whenever we are confronted by something that scares us or isn't familiar to us these are normal reactions and they don't indicate that there is something wrong.

There are some people who suffer from a more severe form of anxiety which actually manifests in somewhat serious physical symptoms.

If you've had these feelings and you're wondering if they might be indicative of a panic disorder then the following symptoms will help you gain clarity:

1. A racing heart and difficulty breathing are signs of anxiety that is severe enough as to warrant the assistance of a professional.

2. Many people experience uncontrollable fears of some things such as crowded places, driving, germs, etc., that can result in them doing whatever they can to avoid the same.

3. If you are consistently unable to focus on something this can also be a symptom of anxiety. The indication is in its consistency. This symptom isn't experienced occasionally like when you haven't had sufficient sleep or if you're hungry.

4. Nervous behaviors including walking round and round in the same place repeatedly or the twitching of fingers or toes on a repetitive basis are also symptoms.

5. If you experience feelings of doom or feelings of some imminent disaster whether it be an automobile accident, heart attack, even death, these are all indicative of an anxiety or panic disorder.

6. If you experience numbness in your extremities such as your fingers, toes, or legs to the point where you feel unable to stand properly, you are experiencing symptoms of this disorder.

7. Difficulty swallowing and dry mouth episodes are both indications of anxiety.

8. Anxiety can manifest itself in feelings of fear when you are around people and you feel the need to be alone.

9. A severe panic or anxiety disorder can even result in sufferers fearing to leave their homes.

10. When normal every day activities seem too overwhelming this could be a sign that you're suffering from a panic or anxiety disorder.

Now for the good news! These symptoms and conditions are no longer viewed as something that should never be revealed or discussed.

Help does exist for those that suffer from anxiety. You will find that numerous mental health clinics and hospitals all offer help at an affordable rate if you fall in a lower income bracket or if you're on a fixed income. If you have health insurance it may also aid you in finding treatment and the treatment is private, it cannot be made known to your employer.

With the science and medical world becoming more informed about disorders like these there are more medications and forms of relief available for effectively treating them. It is known that relaxation techniques have proven to be very beneficial and there is the added advantage of the sufferer being able to do them anywhere and at any time.

When you are able to understand your condition you will be able to alleviate the stress and fear that these attacks cause. You will be able to find solutions for stopping the attacks completely. When you live your life afraid of a panic attack it is basically holding you hostage and it will keep you from doing those things that you love doing.

If you recognize any of the abovementioned symptoms in yourself then you owe it to yourself to get the professional help that is available. Determine to get treatment because when you do you will enjoy a much more peaceful, healthier, and happier life. You will not regret your decision.

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