As this piece is posted on my website, it is the morning after the political elections in the United States. Whether your candidates won or lost the race for the offices that they sought, I have a question for each of my readers? How do you elect to move your life forward over the coming days and months? While the policy setting of our leaders is indeed important for the future of our nation, we as individuals still have the freedom to choose how our lives unfold. To me, that’s a great realization to awake to each day.

Individuals become very passionate about elections. They campaign feverishly for their candidates. There is a belief that their lives will be great if their candidate wins or that their life will be terrible if the opposition party comes to power. However, is your life truly different than it was yesterday? For example, if you are looking for a job, how has your strategy changed in how you will go about your search? Has the election results actually changed that approach? If you are working and are not happy in your job, are you likely to be any happier today than the day before, just because of an election result?

No matter where we focus our efforts, we ultimately are the ones who elect the choices that are the best for us in our life. Can we be impacted by external forces? Certainly they can play a part. And, when they do, we may have to alter our strategy and approaches because of them. However, it ultimately comes down to those internal forces inside of us. Most often if we are stuck it is likely because of our interpretation of events, our assumptions that just because something happened a certain way in our life before it will happen the same way again, or because of our limiting beliefs that something just is not possible. Have we convinced ourselves we’re just not good enough by listening to that little voice in our head that says we shouldn’t even bother trying? Yes the results of yesterday may be important for the future direction of the country. However, to let them stop you as an individual from moving forward with achieving your own goals just does not make sense.

Yesterday the citizens of our nation made a choice of the individuals they chose to lead their government. However, each and every one of us elect to make choices every day that move our life forward or keep us in place where we are. For those of us in power of our choices, only we can make those decisions. If we say others are holding us back from doing what we want to do, we have only chosen to give our power for ourselves away to another.

So, welcome this new day in your life. Make the choices which are best for you to move your life forward as you wish. And, realize no matter what it is you face, ultimately the best answers with how to deal with it are inside of yourself and with no one else.

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