Everybody’s favourite dish - dosa, is pretty much the most versatile dish that Indians have probably ever known. It's popular everywhere. Idly-dosa batter is very much a part of every household. So it comes as no surprise that everyone has tried to make dosa the best that they can.

It’s not always easy, however. Anyone can make a dosa, but only a few can ever make a truly delicious dosa. The ones with the golden crispy crust and melt in your mouth taste. This depends on the quality of your batter, your skill with cooking and how well you ferment the batter.

If cooking is an art, fermenting is the science that goes with it. Fermenting batter is not as difficult as most people think. In fact, it is much more easier when you think about it. The biggest challenge of fermentation is when the climate is cold. In times like this, it can be hard for the batter to ferment. This can cause your dosas to become a bit too soft and crumble.

You can grind the dal smooth and make sure that the ratio of dal and rice is correct. Take great care in using water. Add only as much as you need. Just enough to make the grinding smooth. Keep the batter in a warm environment. This will help greatly with fermentation.

If you want to make delicious dosa the easy way, give iD Fresh Food’s Idly-Dosa Batter a try.

Whether it’s delicious and crispy golden brown dosa or delicate bite-sized idlies, iD Fresh Food’s Idly-Dosa Batter has got you covered. It is all-natural and free of preservatives. Every packet is made with the freshest of ingredients and goes through stringent manufacturing processes to give you some much-needed dose of health.

The secret to making the perfect idly or dosa is passed down from one generation to the next. With iD, it just got a whole lot easier without losing the magic of the age-old tradition.

How to use:

● Wash the pack before you use the batter.
● Cut open the pack and add salt if required. The batter is only mildly salted.
● If you are making idlies, directly scoop the batter out and pour it into the idly steamer. Stir the batter before pouring it into the moulds of the idly steamer for the softest idlies.
● If you are making dosas, add some water to dilute the batter. After dilution, the batter can no longer be used to make idlies.
● To make the perfect dosa, stir the batter before pouring it out on the pan and spreading it.
● Serve hot with an accompaniment of your choice.

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