Can’t buy it anywhere. If it could be bottled and sold it would have been. We have many speakers who are billed as inspirational speakers and they usually are yet when the high wears off do you have any tangible steps to follow to replicate that state?

1. I really want to know what do you do to get your juices going enough and yet be calm enough to accept the input when you need it?

2. How do you keep space on your hard drive for information to just pop in at random times when you may or may not consciously think you need supplemental information.

I’m going to share with you some of my favorite methods.

1. Go do something you love that is OUT OF THE ORDINARY. Take a day off and do something in nature by yourself, go to a museum by yourself, hand glide, something that takes you out of your normal patterns and something you love or always wanted to do.

2. Meditate each Day at the beginning of your day. I need 1 hour of just tune in time. You need at least 31 minutes. There are so many kinds of meditation, breath meditations, chanting ones, silent ones, guided ones. You can use CD or ipod to have support on the guided or chanting ones. Don’t know where to start?

Connect with me I can direct you to all sorts of great places. My flip charts are really easy places to start. My DVD’s all have meditations on them and some more than one. A friend, Subagh Khalsa wrote a book called “Meditations for absolutely Everyone” Are you an everyone? Get it. It is easy and supportive. Another friend Dr Robert Pease Wrote a book, “Spiritual Bootcamp” you need this in your library as well.

3. Make sure that the physical things, Food and drink, you ingest actually support you and don’t make you more hyper and agitated. Get the Book ” Alkalize or Die” Subtle right?

4. Exercise daily. Oh come on 15-20 minutes you have this. It really helps you. Remember to do that thing we forget to do Breath. That why it helps the heart because the lungs massage the heart when you breathe. So exercise even if it means you do 5-6 exercises from my flip charts in the bathroom each day. Something clear out the dead cells and get the blood moving.

5. Drink lot so fluids. When you feel hungry drink first and then see how you feel. We over eat and under drink. Food if heavy will dull you. Stupid food. what are your stupid foods and are you willing to trade up to smart foods?

6. Go to sleep well. Always shower or bath before bed and make sure you take at least a couple minutes to clear your day physically (flip charts have great exercises 3 minutes) and then say a prayer or meditate for a few minutes so you don’t dream about your day and the other people who were part of your day. Clear the slate for new input.

7. If you have a situation in your life that needs input or inspiration ask for it before you go to sleep last thing so you can be receptive to what comes.

8 keep a recording device by your bed and if you wake up with an inspiration, a song, a poem, a screen play whatever record it you WON’T remember it in the morning. Some people will actually get up and write it down but make it easy on yourself.

I hope these techniques work for you as well as they do for me.



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