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You can’t get away with a demanding boss, especially if you’re talking about deadlines and objectives. You may find him pushing you too if he sees you slacking or you’re not doing your job well.

But an overdemanding boss is another story. He’s a micromanager, which means he notices every minute detail of your job and tries to get involve with it. He has a hard time delegating tasks because you’d usually end up doing almost everything according to his own way.

Nevertheless, there’s a way to survive a demanding boss. You may want to try out a few steps:

1. Know yourself as an employee. Assess your knowledge, skill, and experience. Do you have what it takes to accomplish all the tasks with utmost perfection or the least errors? Perhaps you haven’t just noticed your own capabilities, so you’re pushed to the limit.

2. Organize your workload. Not all jobs have to be accomplished at the same time. You may want to determine which among them will require your immediate attention. Learn how to prioritize.

3. Discuss your workload with your boss. If you don’t know which tasks you should accomplish first, be not afraid to talk things over with your boss. He can provide you a good idea which among them you should complete first.

You may also want to discuss issues with him, especially if you’re finding it hard to meet his demands. You will do well if you can already come up with a good proposition.

4. Make sure you can relax. There’s really no point in succumbing to stress. You will only make yourself prone to getting sick or making very wrong decisions about your work. When you find yourself so stressed, take a break. Get a cup of coffee or walk around the floor at least for a few minutes.

You can also use some subliminal messages, which you can recite when you’re meditating. Subliminal messages are often utilized to remove the negative emotions and feelings such as stress out of your system. These subliminal messages can also boost your level of confidence, motivating you to do much better with your work.

Some of the subliminal messages you can apply are the following:

I can beat this stress.
I have the capacity to finish the task at hand.
I am thankful of the confidence the boss has on me.
I am grateful for this job.

5. Ensure the work remains at the office. It’s going to be so bad if you’re still hounded by your boss when you’re at home. You can turn off your mobile phone or stay away from the Internet. Finish as much workload as you can while still in the office.

6. Focus on the jobs at hand. With a demanding boss, you can’t afford to really slack. Moreover, if you allow yourself to be distracted by non-essential things such as office gossip, you cannot finish a lot of tasks. Work properly, and you have better chances of breezing through commitments.

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