It is not difficult to comprehend the significance of memory usage in regards to day to day activity. Hence, it is critical for you to understand how to improve the memory. Even when you're going to go shopping for basic grocery items, you will still need to remember what you want to buy and for that you will need a good memory. That is why extensive practise in regards to memory usage is recommended.

Experts recommend that the first step towards building a strong memory base and brain power is by trying to retrieve to everything that you possibly can. One of the most prominent causes of developing a bad memory is when you actually believe that you won't be able to recollect things. Every person in the world possesses the ability to change certain things about themselves in order to improve their memory.

So how can we improve memory? The first thing you need to do is to pay proper attention to what is happening around you. Names, places and dates are far more important things to concentrate on when in a situation rather than other superficial details. The best thing to do is to make sure their name crops up in any conversation that you're having with them. It has been noted that once a person starts looking at things more closely, he or she will also pay more attention to other details too.

Another effective method is repeating things constantly in order to burn them in your memory. Although it primarily depends upon you, repeating things loudly or just running them through your mind eventually lead to the same result. The repitition method only works with elements that are easy to digest. A good example is repeating the list of things that you need from the market out loud prior to going to the shopping mart. "I want eggs. I will want to buy eggs in addition to butter. "Butter, eggs and bananas are the things that I need from the store". Incessantly repeat this line till you get to the shopping mart. Thus, as your entering the store or strolling through various sections of the shopping mart, you will definitely be able to remember what you need because it will be safely stored within your brain.

The basic principle behind the workings of the brain is that it attempts to produce links between memories thereby making it easier for you to recall them in various situations. You tend to forget memories when their link with each other is not strong enough. Therefore, if you're looking to augment your memory, make attempts to build strong associations. If you're looking to learn how to improve the memory in a much more efficient manner, take a look at the examples below.

Using multiple resources - when you're developing associations, you should try to delve deeper by making use of more than just sight or sound. Concentrate on involving things like texture, feel, smells and odors as well as taste. Your particular preference of senses can easily be mapped out by numerous tools that are available on the net. Hence, such senses that you have the highest ability to assimilate should be included within associations.

- Exaggerate – One of the main ways to create associations is to exaggerate as much as you can. Everything should be more obvious than it really is to augment the power of the association that you're creating.

- Color – A memory inclusive of discernable coloration is one that you will always be able to retrieve. Lots of coloration will do wonders for your memory retention skills.

- Humor – If something is really funny, you will most likely recollect it quite accurately. That is why you should try to be comical when developing associations. As a basic rule, just focus on the fact that you have to make it as amusing as you can.

- Emotion – Emotion is another aspect of creating associations that is exceedingly important. While trying to recall a particular occasion, if you feel that you're passionate about it then you will probably find it easier to retrieve. You will find that the easiest memories to remember are the ones that involve something that we're particularly passionate about.

Although most people don't think so but boosting your retention skills is not much of a challenge if done properly. Just set your mind to achieving something and it becomes simpler. Once you start remembering things, you'll be especially motivated to further build upon that. The utilization of suggestions in this article will easily help you to improve upon your memory.

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Paul Rogers is a memory improvement enthusiast with many years experience. He currently resides in Miami, FL with his family.