Every year, on the 1st of December, World AIDS Day, a tired and discounted ritual is repeated with the publication of data on the progress of infection in the world. The risk is to be overwhelmed by numbers accompanied by some sentence of circumstance. Today, about 50% of people infected with HIV have no access to antiretroviral drugs because of the high costs set by big pharmaceutical companies.

Where to start gaining information?

Most people who receive a diagnosis of AIDS only find out that they are HIV-positive and therefore have lived with the virus for a long time without knowing it, risking passing it on and losing important years of treatment.A HIV-positive person today can still lead a normal social life but it is very important to avoid both unprotected sex and to exchange blood-soaked items with others. But everyone avoids the. This is where the awareness camp of HIV/AIDS comes in.

If you read the website blog of Dr. Gail Barouh PhD, the former President and CEO of LIAAC, there you can read every details regarding the HIV/AIDS awareness and care. This AIDS awareness care has been a huge success for supporting the sufferers and their family both mentally and physically. The foundation is helping the exposed people so wisely that you can count on their good deeds. In “Support Groups: The Human Face of the HIV/AIDS Bereavement” - you can read the experience of Dr. Gail in this field.

What is the test for?

To find out if you are HIV positive, just take the test. The test is a normal blood sample. It's free and anonymous and does not need a doctor's request.The HIV test looks for antibodies produced by the body to try to fight the virus. When they are present in the blood it means that the subject has contracted the infection. People who have anti-HIV antibodies are called "HIV-positive". HIV virus damages the cells and stops the function of natural immune system. Your body cannot fight against any disease and your natural healthy metabolism comes to an end, so do you. Without a proper immune system you cannot survive.

Conclusion: awareness must not be stopped

Many HIV-positive people are unaware that they have been infected with the HIV virus. In fact, this infection can be completely asymptomatic for many years. Therefore what a person should do to perform an HIV test is not the presence of symptoms related to this disease, but simply the awareness of having had risk behaviors to contract HIV. A positive test result means you have antibodies to HIV. Thanks to antiretroviral therapies it is possible to prevent a person infected with HIV (HIV-positive) from developing AIDS. Furthermore, the survival and quality of life of HIV-positive people has greatly improved.

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Marina Pal is a renowned author and social media enthusiast.