How do you know when a man is in love is a very common question among women. Unlike us, men don't always feel the need to share what they're feeling. If you're with a guy who doesn't wear his heart on his sleeve, it can be a bit confusing. Trying to decipher what he's feeling based on his actions, can be challenging if you don't have some insight into what it all means. There are some very clear telltale signs that do indicate when a man is crazy about you.

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The question of how do you know when a man is in love has to include the answer of his availability. Naturally, we all have lives outside our relationship and there's always stuff that we need to tend to. However, when a man is head over heels for a woman he wants to be in contact with her. If he doesn't have the opportunity to see her in person he still wants to talk with her or hear from her via email or text. Does the man in your life constantly want to be connected to you in some way? Does he call you during the day just to see how you are? Does he make a point of moving his schedule around to spend time with you? If he does, you don't have to worry about what he's feeling for you. He's either already deeply in love with you or is heading in that direction, quickly.

Another of the telling signs that indicate your guy finds you irresistible is how much he wants to know about you and your life. We've all dated guys who just couldn't seem to focus on anything but themselves. If you've experienced this in the past you know that it leaves you feel pretty neglected and rejected too. If a man is falling for a woman he wants to know every small detail there is to know about her. He can't learn enough about her including what her childhood was like and even what her favorite color is. If you sense that he just loves learning new tidbits of information about you, count yourself lucky. You've got a guy who is wild about you.

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Do you wish there was a "does he love me" test to discover how the man in your life really feels about you? Are you in a relationship where things are going alright, but you're not sure if they're really moving in the right direction? Do you want to know how he really feels about you? If so, then read on.

The "does he love me" test is not about voodoo or mind reading, and it's not about asking him trick questions. Instead, it's about listening and paying attention. He's sending you a thousand little messages all the time, and all you have to do is tune to the right frequency and you'll get your action. Check these little questions.

Does He Listen to You?

Everyone's allowed to be distracted once in a while, and it's okay for him to not always be able to give you one hundred percent of his attention, but the key is if he notices the little things about what you do regularly. Is he aware of your moods without being told? Does he instinctively reassure you when you need it? Those are all signs that he's paying attention to you, whether he always shows it or not, and it's a good sign.

Does He Share his Hopes and Dreams with You?

This is a good one for the "does he love me" test. With minimal prompting, how much is he willing to talk about the future with you? When he does talk about the future, are you part of it? How much does he say "we" instead of "I?" The more he shares his hopes and dreams with you, and the more you're a part of them, the more sure you can be that he really loves you. If he never shares his hopes and dreams for the future, on the other hand, then that can be a bad sign. It might mean he doesn't see you in it.

Does he Still Put in the Extra Effort?

It's easy to start taking someone for granted when you've been together for a while, but if he truly loves you, he'll find ways to show that he notices you and appreciates all the little things you do for him. If he's just mailing it in - and it's not just a phase as a result of stress or work challenges - then there's a good chance he doesn't love you the way you deserve to be loved.

These simple questions are a good starting point when trying to conduct a "does he love me" test. Obviously, they're not completely foolproof - human beings are far to complicated to be reduced to simple questions - but listen to your gut. The information you need is all out there, right in front of you, but you have to trust yourself to see it and understand it. So clear your mind and take a good, hard look at his behavior. Do that, ask yourself these questions, and you'll know in your heart whether he loves you the way you deserve to be loved, or if he's just along for the ride.

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Do you want to know if your guy loves you? Does your guy refuse to tell you he loves you, but you think he does? Do you know the signs of true love? There are some things that will clue you in as to whether or not your guy loves you, even if he won't tell you. If you want to know what his heart is saying, then watch for these signs.

Sign of true love #1

Has he recently introduced you to some new people like his friends and family? Guys tend to wait to introduce a girl to the people that are closest to him until they are sure about their feelings. If he has been showing you off to the people that matter to him, he is telling you that you matter.

Sign of true love #2

Does he have your best interest in mind? If he is in love with you, you should notice certain behavior like asking how your day was. Maybe he brings you soup when you are sick, or brings you flowers if you have had a bad day. This can take many different forms, but if he does things that are just plain sweet to make you happy, he is in love.

Sign of true love #3

Is he committed? If your guy loves you, you should be the only girl in his life. However, if he is keeping his options open, then he isn't there yet. Just as you couldn't imagine being with another guy, if he is in love, he shouldn't want to be with another woman. His faithfulness tells you where his heart is.

Sign of true love #4

Are you on his mind even when you are apart? Does he call and text you often? Does he check in on you when something important is going on in your life? Does he ask about you to friends or family frequently? Does he send you emails while at work? These are all different signs that you are on his mind, even when you aren't in his presence. This is a good sign that he is in love. However, this one should be paired with something else. Some guys use this one to convince women that they love them, even when they don't.

Sign of true love #5

Do you have access to his time? He should be more than willing to accompany you to engagements. Does he ask if he can go places with you? He should want to capture every opportunity to be with you that he can. This is a pretty big indicator as to whether or not he loves you.

You should determine whether or not a guy loves you by his actions, not his words. Some men won't say that they love you even though they do. This can be for reasons that are both personal and social. Then there are other guys that will say they love you only to get what they want. These guys will use you and leave you feeling hurt. This is why it is so important to know the signs of true love.

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