Maintaining a solid relationship with your spouse is one of the most challenging things you can do as an adult. Each person enters into a marriage with their own issues, histories, bad habits, and pet peeves. It's only natural that couples will fight, have disagreements, and have doubts about their relationship.
However, none of those things are signs of a bad marriage. Depending on the level of love and commitment you have invested in the relationship, you can work your way through most conflicts.
The question then, is how do you know it's time for a divorce? If you're not sure if you should start preparing for a divorce, perhaps we can help you find an answer. Keep reading for some of the most common divorce signs.

1. You No Longer Love or Like Your Spouse
When all passion has faded from a marriage, it's likely time for a divorce. While this can certainly pertain to your sex life and intimacy, we're mostly talking about the level of love and affection your feel for your partner.
If you still love your spouse but don't really like who they are as a partner or as a person, it may not be wise to stay married. Similarly, if you don't love your partner anymore but see them more as a friend, it might be a sign of imminent divorce.
In both of these scenarios, it can be difficult to pull the trigger. It might be wise to seek couples counseling to try to work out your differences.
However, if you no longer love nor like your partner, there's a good chance the relationship is beyond repair.

2. One or Both Partners Have Been Unfaithful
Sadly, nearly 40% of marriages are impacted by infidelity. One or both partners in these relationships seek a sexual relationship outside of their marriage. Sometimes, it's a mistake made out of an impulsive decision and lack of self-control.
It's possible for couples to recover from such events. However, if a spouse has cheated multiple times, it's unlikely that they're going to stop. Repetitive cheating might mean it's time for a divorce.

3. You and Your Partner Want Different Things Out of Life
One of the most common divorce signs is when spouses have conflicting life goals. For example, if one partner wants to remain childless so they have more freedom and money to travel and the other wants to raise a family. While there's generally room for compromise in these situations, they often cause severe marriage stress.
Other conflicting values include:
● Active vs sedentary lifestyles
● Extreme political or religious differences
● Conflicting moral values
● Opposing beliefs about finances, wealth, and retirement
● And more
For this reason, there are certain questions to ask before marriage to make sure you and your partner can build an amicable life together. If you're past that point and you and your partner want vastly different things, it might be time to call it quits.

4. You and Your Partner Have Stopped Putting Forth Effort
Indifference is one of the most obvious signs of a bad marriage. In other words, when you and/or your partner stop putting in an effort, it might be time for a divorce.
This often happens when one or both people feel like there is nothing they can do to make their spouse happy. If someone is hyper-critical of you, it's easy to throw in the towel and stop seeking their approval.
However, when someone stops trying, it means they've stopped caring. At this point, the marriage might not be salvageable.

5. You or Your Partner Are No Longer Supportive
You might need to start preparing for a divorce if you or your partner are no longer supportive of one another. This is often a sign of disinterest in the other person's life. Whether you are no longer interested in listening to each other's stories and complaints or there's a lack of emotional support, this represents a complete breakdown of communication.
A strong marriage is bound together by two people who are each others' primary support systems. If you have a bad day at work, are feeling depressed, or just need some attention, your spouse should be ready and willing to give you emotional support and reassurance.
Lack of support and communication often leads to infidelity. If you're not having your needs met at home, you'll naturally begin to look for it elsewhere.

6. One or Both Partners Are Unwilling to Compromise
As noted earlier, when couples are willing to compromise to meet each other's needs and find a happy middle-ground during conflicts, there's a good chance that they will work out their differences. However, couples are sometimes completely set on having things their way. It could involve a belief system, selfishness, or their ego.
Regardless, when one or both partners stop compromising, it devalues the other person's opinions and feelings. It's like saying "your wants and needs are less important than my own." While it's okay to be selfish sometimes in a relationship, it can't be a precedent you set in the marriage.
If you no longer strive to please your partner and make compromises for the sake of the relationship, it might be time for a divorce.

7. There is Physical, Mental, or Emotional Abuse in the Relationship
Finally, no one deserves to be abused by their spouse, physically, mentally, or emotionally. If you've been abused in any way by your spouse, it might be time to start preparing for a divorce. This is particularly important if the abuse has become habitual.

If you have children, you must also think about their safety, security, and well-being. You need to pursue a divorce and seek full child custody if your spouse is abusive.

Is It Time for a Divorce?
Has your relationship come to an end? Are any of the divorce signs listed in this article present in your marriage? If so, it might be time for a divorce.
Not all couples are meant to be together forever. If you need help separating from your spouse, contact Alabama Family Law Group today to learn more about us. We can help guide you during this difficult process and provide expert legal counsel.

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