If you or someone you know has been injured due to a motorcycle accident, you should hire a motorcycle accident lawyer. A lawyer can't undo the injuries you and your family have suffered, but they can and will help you find justice.

The dangers of motorcycles

Unlike an auto, a motorcycle leaves its rider unprotected. There are no airbags and no metal frame around the passengers to protect them. This lack of protection means that crashes with a motorcycle are more likely to result in serious injury than crashes with a single car. If you or someone you know has been in a collision while riding a motorcycle, there's a good chance that person has sustained some form of injury. If the injury is serious, you or your friend should contact a motorcycle accident lawyer.

However, it's not just motorcyclists who need a motorcycle accident lawyer. The 1981 Hurt Report on Motorcycle Safety showed that three-quarters of all motorcycle accidents involved a four-wheeled vehicle. Cars often collide with motorcycles because motorcycles, which are much smaller than cars, are more difficult to see. If you or someone you know is injured as a result of such a collision, you should seek legal assistance.

Serious and minor injuries

The types of injuries that a motorcycle accident lawyer can help you get justice for range from the most serious to the more subtle injuries. In the worst case, someone you love has been killed in the crash. In this case, an attorney can help you sue the negligent party for wrongful death. The suit will not help with the grief of losing a loved one, but such suits prevent fatal negligence from going unpunished.

Many serious injuries also leave the victims alive. Collisions often result in injury to the brain or spine, leading to paralysis, memory loss, or coma. All of these conditions are very serious that require calling a lawyer specializing in motorcycle accidents. Collisions can also lead to broken bones, injuries that can cause the victim to lose their job or be permanently disabled. When an injury prevents you from doing your job, you need a lawyer to help you get the compensation you deserve.

But not all injuries are obvious. Brain damage often delays or makes it difficult to identify symptoms such as depression, confusion, loss of sensations such as smell or taste, and changes in a person's personality. As a result, traumatic brain injury often goes undiagnosed even though it can significantly impact human life. Victims of undiagnosed brain damage may lose interest in activities they previously enjoyed or behave erratically, which impairs their interpersonal relationships. If any of these signs reminds you of someone who has had a motorcycle accident, encourage that person to see a doctor and call a motorcycle accident lawyer.

Get the compensation you deserve

Riding a motorcycle is fun and cool, but it's also perilous. If you or someone you know has suffered serious or minor injuries as a result of a motorcycle accident, you should find a motorcycle accident lawyer who can fight on your behalf to get the compensation you deserve.

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