“When we forgive others, we forgive ourselves.”- This is the power of the Ho'panopono Healing Strategy.

The Ho'oponopono pronunciation is Ho-O-Pono-Pono.
The Terms Ho'oponopono means "to make right." Here "Ho'o" means (to make) and "pono" is (right). And repeat word "pono" means (being right with both self and others.).

The modern world leans this Ho'oponopono for physical healing process from the ancient Hawaiians. This Ho'oponopono healing force helps to protect you from all those negative thoughts and emotions that impede your happiness and achieving your goals.

At first, this widely used healing power comes from Morrnah Simeona. He used it as a healing process strategy, and Dr. Ihaleakala Hew Len promoted it.

What is Ho’oponopono meditation?

Ho'oponopono is all about forgivness and how to forgive yourself. It is a healing process that makes free our minds from all negative things. It also helps to go out of the toxic energies' inner mind of you by words, deeds, thoughts, and actions.You can read a great article about it here.

In a nutshell, Ho'oponopono is a process that helps to discover and clean up our lineage and our relationships with other people in life. Through it, we can forgive them who have contact with us.

How do you learn Ho’Oponopono?

Sometimes frustration surrounds us, then we become unhappy and angry in our life, feeling tired. We want to push away this fatigue, anxiety, and frustration and live a drama-free, happy life.
If you realize the above situations, then learning the Ho’oponopono technique will be very helpful for you. There are only 4 simple mantras is the ritual of forgiveness. These are a very simple and powerful way to bring healing to any situation. Read more about Ho’oponopono certification here .

4 steps to learn Ho’oponopono

    Now, we know the common 4 steps that you need to follow if you want it’s really work in your life. And these are-

  • 1st step: Regret – I am Sorry. like, whatever is taking place, or for the incident where you have nothing to do. You are to say sorry for the fact you're there and seeing, or it has something to do with you. In daily life, whatever part you may have played, for all those incidents you can say, I am sorry to yourself or the Creator.
  • 2nd step: Forgiveness - Please Forgive Me. Whenever you ask forgiveness, maybe, it to someone, or yourself by inner-speech or the Creator by prayer, it means you are correcting yourself. A real pray for forgiveness is an inside cry that comes out from own-self.
  • 3rd step: Love - I Love You. This is a pretty powerful prayer. The amazing quantum entanglement of real life is we love others because we love thyself.
  • 4th step: Gratitude – Thank You. Especially in this modern science of era, we're dealing with the divine. That's why in this media, we don't know where we ask for forgiveness. So, to say thank you is showing a little inner gratitude of self-evident. And we acknowledge that, by saying thank you.

In your daily life, if you repeating these 4 Ho'oponopono mantras in your prayer frequently, you will feel a miracle. At first, most of the people think all are just some words. Those who can absorb this mantra by heart and soul and over time can use it will feel its powers.

Is this all?

No. You should learn more about The Ritual of Forgiveness. There is a phrase-

“What is there to heal ownself with healing some other?”

Ho’oponopono will take responsibility for the ideas of creating your own reality.
When you want to learn Ho’oponopono at first you should learn about the ritual of Forgiveness. Basically, by forgiveness, you can get those 3 other behaviors (Sorry, Love, and Thank You) from others, just like you can give it to someone else.

Why should We Learn Forgiveness?

Forgiveness, the primary healing process of Ho’oponopono. It can be done not for just healing other people in your reality, but for healing yourself too. Because you can take an aspect of self-such as anger, or insomnia, or anxiety, or any kind of negative feeling that’s going on negative in your life. Those you can heal it, only you need to know how it works?
So, Let's go to know and learn some steps of forgiveness.

1.What is Forgiveness?

The term -Forgiveness is a Greek word. It means - "let it go," just like a person does not ask for debt repayment. Forgiveness is the act of pardoning criminals who say lie. It is important to note that forgiveness works in the realm of sin.
You can say that selfless love is the basis of true forgiveness. Because love "does not consider harm." Hurt by other people can ruin our lives.We will forgive others when we let our dissatisfaction and give up any request for compensation for the harm or loss we have suffered. It Increases our self-esteem, gives us a sense of inner strength and safety.

2.Try yourself to practice forgiveness

Try to work with forgiveness to positively changing your inner world. You can continue and increase it by practicing forgiveness power in your daily life. You can also practice recognizing that everyone is unique, special, and constant.
It is very important to cultivate this mentality of cherishing our common humanity through religious belief or humanitarian philosophy.

3.Find out your inner pain

There are different forms of sensitive/ inner pain. The natural forms are unhealthy anger, self-loathing or self-esteem, anxiety, lack of confidence, frustration, negative worldview, no-confidence about others changing abilities.
All of these can be fixed by forgiveness. So it is important to recognize and acknowledge the type of pain you are experiencing. In order to experience emotional healing, the more damage you have gotten, the more important it is to forgive.

4.Using Responsiveness Develop a Forgiving Mind

If you look at some details in the life of the person who hurt you, you'll usually see the harm he has suffered more clearly. You may be able to see her physical weakness and psychological pain and begin to understand the common humanity shared with the person who hurt you. Hence, it’s easy for you to sympathize with him.
In a hypothetical situation, when people successfully imagine forgiving someone, the brain shows increased activity in the neural circuits responsible for compassion.

.5Use your other strategies when forgiveness is hard

Forgiveness is a process that takes time, patience, and determination. At this time, be humble and create a calm feeling in yourself and try not to be harsh. This is the inner adoption of yourself. So, try to respond to yourself like someone you love deeply. You may need other resources if you find it’s difficult to forgive. Because sometimes, it is difficult to forgive any person. However, in the light of the benefits of the Ho'oponopono process, this time you can combine other steps with forgiveness with the help of a therapist.

6.You should Forgive Yourself

Forgive yourself, even if you are not perfect, you will still be proud of a person. Most of us have a harder time with our own character than with others. It is difficult for you to love ourselves if you seriously violate your personal standards, but it is not impossible. You need to recognize this and move towards self-compassion. Make yourself softer.

7.Find the direction of forgiveness in pain:

When we suffer a lot, it is very important to find meaning in the sufferings. Here, we try to see how our suffering has positively changed us. Because these pains may help change our views on important things in life.

Nevertheless, there are still many ways to find meaning in our suffering.

  • Some people may be more concerned about the beauty of the world.
  • Decide to provide services to others in need.
  • Some people may find meaning by speaking their truth or strengthening their inner determination.

And many more.
If I want to give an answer, it is that we should use our suffering to become more loving and pass this love to others. You may be able to do this accounting yourself. Whether you maybe need a counselor's help in the initial stage of healing.

Final Analysis

Finally, you realize that our lives depend on our thinking. The good news is that if we think the right idea, then life will unfold accordingly. The bad news is that if we think the wrong idea, then life will unfold accordingly.
None of this can be done in one day. Try and continue to apply forgiveness in your daily life through the other three steps. Seek medical help if necessary. One day you will succeed.

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