The love for coffee is at an all-time high. Over the last few years, there has been a boom in the number of independent brewers. Given today’s lifestyle, filter coffee has become more than just a beverage. It’s magic in a cup. What’s also happened is that because there are so many options available to get coffee, people are becoming more and more picky. They’re looking for authentic coffee that comes with heritage and legacy. Everyone wants their coffee to be special and just the way they like it. One of the most popular forms of coffee is authentic South Indian filter coffee. It’s slowly on the rise and people are looking for the best places to get them and the best ways to make it. Making filter coffees that we get in ‘Darshinis’ is a challenge. You need an expensive set up that works on steam and condensation. Fortunately for you, here are some easy ways to make the perfect cup of happiness, right in your home.

The Italian Press Coffee

This is a filter that you can purchase online. It has 3 parts to it. You need to add water in the bottom container and coffee in the middle. Put it on low flame and wait for a few minutes. The water in the bottom compartment will begin to boil and through a pipe mechanism will infuse with the coffee powder in the middle compartment and come as filter coffee decoction in the top layer. It’s ready to be consumed with some milk and sugar to your liking.

Boiling Coffee

This method is popular in small towns. Here, we take the filter coffee powder and just boil it in water. This concoction is then tied up in a cloth and suspended in mid-air. The decoction slowly drips down and what you get is extremely strong and delicious filter coffee decoction. Beware, over boiling the water and coffee powder will make the coffee bitter.

Traditional Filter Coffee

This is a South Indian innovation. This filter has 2 parts to it and works like a combination of the above two methods. We put filter coffee powder in the top container that has pores in it. We cover that with a thin plate with more pores on it. Over it, we pour hot boiling water. The water will infuse with the filter coffee and drip into the container below. Within minutes, you will have authentic filter coffee.

Adding a pinch of salt and sugar in each of these methods helps in bringing out the flavour of the coffee. For those of you who prefer enjoying the coffee more than the process of making it, there are plenty of instant filter coffee options available. The best out of these is iD Fresh Filter Coffee. It’s the closest to authentic filter coffee. Not only does it stay good for weeks, but it’s easy to carry around with you. 1 sachet can make 1 beautifully aromatic cup. The best part about it is that you can order this filter coffee online on Big Basket here.

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