How do you pole dance; Tips for Choosing a Great Pole Dancing Fitness Class for Beginners

Home pole dancing; Choosing the perfect pole dancing class for a beginner can be a bit scary, and it can be hard to tell what to look for. Does a class being taught by a former stripper automatically make it good? Studios that brag about students doing fancy moves like inversions in only weeks sounds good right? Pole dance studios may offer promises that sound shiny and tempting, but if you follow this guide, you'll know exactly how to choose a pole dancing class that is high-quality, comfortable, and most important of all - safe!

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Quality of Instructor

The most important thing to consider when picking a class is the quality of the instructor. Former strippers teaching may be great for learning sexy floor moves that don't involve a pole, but if you want to get into the fitness and challenging aspect of the dance, you want instructors that are trained.

Yes, there are actual certifications in pole dance instruction, and your instructor should be certified and experienced. So find this information out, as well as how long they have been teaching and dancing.

If any of instructors in the studio regularly compete in actual pole dance competitions, this is a sign that you are in good hands. They are more likely to be affectionate on the subject and up to date on how to dance skillfully and safely.

And if your instructor looks out of shape, run and fast!

Class Size

Classes should have 1-2 people per pole, no more. Anymore and the class gets a little unwieldy for the instructor to handle, and it also means you'll be sitting out most of the class. Imagine spending your money for a one hour class and having to share a pole with two other people. That means 20 minutes on the pole, at most.... completely frustrating, and not helpful either.

For this reason, private studio classes are a much better bet than classes at the gym which generally have a lot of people in the class.


Classes should have a good emphasis on safety. Instructors should make some basic things clear - like how important it is to wipe down the pole to keep from slipping.

Pole safety also includes instructors who teach you proper body mechanics to prevent injuries (this includes things like not hunching your shoulders, and proper hand and foot placement). You will know you've found a good class when the instructor is helpful to individuals and is a stickler about proper form.

They will also not have you doing fancy tricks when you are not strong enough or ready. Nobody should be pushing you to do anything your body can't handle.

As a bonus, it's also great if the studio has a lot of mirrors - they help you see what you're doing right and wrong, and will help your progress a lot. Not to mention it's a whole lot of fun to see yourself looking beautiful and sexy as you dance.

And don't forget to check out the studio's class booking and postponement policy - this varies by studio so be sure to read the fine print.

Pole dancing can be a great activity for your overall fitness level as well as your femininity and sexiness. You can get a stronger, healthier body while learning how to effortlessly exude magnetic sex appeal. Interested in learning more about choosing a pole dance fitness class and other aspects of getting started with this beautiful art form? Check out Beginner Pole Dancing for your one stop resource on all things pole dancing, created especially for the pole dance newbie.

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