You want to have a brand new website designed, because your current website is a bit older and no longer meets your requirements. You will probably want to hire a web design agency Poland. The question now is: how do you recognize a good web design agency? In this blog we give you some tips.

What does the website of the web design agency look like?

If all goes well, a good web design agency would be honored to have an ugly website. Just as a dentist always has clean teeth and a football coach can also kick a good ball, a good web design agency should have an excellent website. If the agency does not have that, you may wonder why they would build your website better.

Is it 'too good to be true?'

Building websites is a profession. Learning the trade takes a lot of time and money. A real web design agency that employs really good web designers will therefore not offer its websites for a habit. A good website design takes time and good people and therefore money. A good web design buy not for a song. So think carefully when people say that they design your entire website from head to toe for 200 dollars. An investment of 2000 dollars that yields 3000 dollars is still much better than an investment of 200 dollars that yields 100 dollars. A web design costs about 500 to 2000 dollars, having a website made costs, depending on the size of the website, approximately between 500 and 10000 dollars.

Does the web design agency have a portfolio?

You should feel great about your work as a professional. So if people ask a professional to show their work, he/she will probably be happy to do so. If not, then something is wrong. In that case, 2 scenarios are conceivable:

  • The company is so young that it has not yet had any customers;
  • The company is doing such bad work that it would rather not show it.

Unfortunately, it is better to avoid both scenarios. There is still something to be said for a young company, but they make mistakes more often than established names. Every renowned web design agency has a portfolio page on which the work previously done is highlighted.

Does the agency work with wireframes?

Wireframes are detailed views of how your website will look and how it works. They are, as it were, the 'skeletons' of your website. These are important because they show you how your website will function at a relatively early stage. This allows you to quickly indicate that you want to have something changed or that something is not quite to your liking. A good web design agency will always show you wireframes before they start with the full-fledged designs. This gives you more say in the design process and you can indicate more clearly what needs to be done differently.

Does the website work on all devices?

A website is not exactly the same on any device. You might love that too: your computer has a wide screen, while most people hold their smartphones vertically. So if a web design agency tries to sell you a nice story about a 'one size fits all' web design: don't do it. Each device deserves its own design. Be very hesitant if an agency does not optimize your website for desktop, tablet and mobile.

Does the web design agency listen to your wishes?

The most important feature of a good web design agency is actually a very obvious one: does the agency listen to your wishes? Every site and therefore every customer is fundamentally different in his needs. An agency that only follows a fixed pattern and has almost exactly the same website for every company, does not do its job well. It is precisely the web design agencies that can adapt their designs to the wishes of their customers that really do their job well.

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