The bags of skin as well as the wrinkles that often appear with them, are the natural outcome of the body aging. As your body ages, it slows down the production of certain skin proteins within the body. Two of these proteins are collagen and elastins, that are needed to keep skin firm and full looking. Deficiency of the proteins creates eye bags and wrinkle formation. How to get rid of wrinkles under eyes is a combination of minimizing the damage being done to skin and protecting it at the same time by making use of various holistic and natural ways of therapeutic treatment so as to minimize the wrinkles.

How to get rid of wrinkles under eyes can start with protecting this region of the face from more damage from a variety of environmental factors like air pollution, wind and the drying ultra violet heat waves of the sun. While going outdoors, it is suggested that a coating of sunscreen with a high spf factor is applied over the face along with a good quality protecting sunglasses. A nutritious diet that is loaded with antioxidant supplying food items such as whole grains and fresh green vegetables will help to safeguard skin against damage and wrinkles by battling against skin damaging free radical molecules and destroying toxins.

Exercise can help to keep the skin toned and supple by keeping the muscles and skin fibers tight. Getting enough sleep every night is a great way of how to get rid of wrinkles under eyes and the black puffy eye bags which come from insomnia and sleeplessness. People having problems sleeping should try the variety of holistic methods that can help. The skin can easily be dehydrated, thus it is important to drink lots of water regularly and even rinse the face frequently with cool water. Well hydrated skin will be firm, supple and thus helps to delay the aging process.

A recently popular method of how to get rid of wrinkles under eyes is the usage of facial yoga exercises. When tried in a combination with various other holistic ways of wrinkle treatments, these exercises can be effective. There are several exercises specifically designed for the eye area. Rest your fingers at the eyes edge and try to move your fingers upwards while moving the eyelids down. This helps to reduce fluid buildups and wrinkles. Yet another eye exercise is to place fingers under the eyebrows and then push up while gently pressing down on the eyelids. Hold the pressure for about five seconds and repeat the whole sequence a couple of times to dissipate fluids.

There are several natural and holistic methods to get rid of wrinkles under eyes in a safe and successful way. Many of these traditional remedies have been in use for centuries and have been proven over time to work well. Vitamin E is one of the most potent antioxidants that can be used to hydrate and lubricate the skin besides protecting it from damage by free radicals and other toxins. Massage the liquid from a vitamin E capsule directly on the wrinkles around the eyes. Coconut oil, avocados and papaya are also helpful when massaged into wrinkles.

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