If you fail to properly take care of your teeth, oral problems like cavities and gum problems can arise. Tooth decay happens when the tooth enamel is destroyed by the acids produced by plaque bacteria. Plaque constantly forms on the teeth, so you need to be on your guard at all times. But if your teeth has been damaged by plaque, can it still be stopped? Not always. But with a good oral hygiene regimen, tooth decay can be prevented.

Maintain Your Daily Dental Habits
Plaque is a constant threat to your oral health, and daily cleaning of the teeth can help. Aside from brushing, you also have to floss to clean those areas that a toothbrush cannot reach. It also helps to add a good quality mouthwash in your daily oral care routine to reduce plaque and keep decay at bay.

Get Your Dose of Fluoride
An important mineral in keeping the teeth healthy, fluoride prevent tooth decay from worsening, and possibly even reverse it. Fluoride prevents and replaces mineral loss in the tooth enamel. It also stops bacteria from producing acid. You can get your dose of this mineral from special toothpastes, rinses and treated water.

Chew on Sugarless Gum
The act of chewing stimulates saliva production, which in turn neutralizes the acids in the mouth that can cause tooth decay. Go with a sugar-free that is sweetened with xylitol. This sugar substitute prevents decay by enhancing teeth remineralization, decreasing bacteria and stopping acid production. It can also be a backup between your brushing sessions.

Ask for a Prescription Mouthwash
Prescription mouthwash can also help stop the progress of tooth decay. Compared to over-the-counter mouthwashes, antibacterial rinses are more effective in reducing the amount of harmful bacteria in the mouth. Aside from preventing tooth decay, an antimicrobial rinse also fights gingivitis, and heals irritation gums.

Pay a Visit to Your Dentist
There really are no surefire cures for tooth decay, which is why it is more important to take steps to prevent it. even when you have tried the tips above, ask guidance from your dentist on how to take action. Also make sure that you go to your regular dental appointments to check cavities and to get professional cleaning to prevent any future problems. If you provide your teeth with utmost care, you can be assured that they will stay in tiptop shape for many years.

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