How do you transform a life? You make one empowered step at a time.

During this year I’ve been given ample opportunities to get out of my own way. As a conscious business leader, my desire is to fulfill the highest calling for my life – to step into my potential more fully and to make a positive impact in the world.

To do that I’ve had to acknowledge that I’ve been sitting in the shadows; playing small. I’ve been in hiding. I question: “Who am I to consider doing something on a grand scale? I’m not good enough!”

And yet the whispers from my spirit keep urging me not to settle because there is something I’ve been called to do.

Making New Choices. Once that realization surfaced I had a conscious choice to make – step forward into greater awareness or step back into the shadows. I chose to step forward, not because I had the answers but because I trusted that what I was feeling was pulling me towards a transformed life. I have not been disappointed. This year has been transformational for me and exhilarating. I’ve had the opportunity to do things that I could have only dreamed of before saying “yes” to my life.

In these times people are shaken. Yet today is a day of unprecedented opportunity. Each of us come into this life full of gifts and talents we are meant to use for the benefit of others.

Seeking Clarity. Circumstances arise to either nudge you back on your path or prepare you to fulfill your purpose. Right in your midst are opportunities that are disguised as problems. They have the ability to transform your life and your business. But do you have the eyes to see it? Look around. It’s probably right in front of you.

Be a leader of purpose and trust your inner wisdom. You have unlimited potential and wisdom. Don’t run away from your greatness. Run toward it; embrace it and step forward. There are those who are waiting for what only you can bring forth. With purpose and focus you can accomplish more in six months than someone can in two years.

Have you ever seen a tombstone? In the US and many other places, when someone dies, a plaque lists the person’s name with their birth and death seperated by a dash. Your life - who you are, all your life experiences and what you accomplished - is represented by the dash. At the end of your life what would have been important for you to fulfill, to complete – to BE?

•Are you on purpose with those intentions now?

•Do you trust that we live in a generous universe, meaning you don’t have to compete against anyone because there is more than enough for everyone?

•Do you take the opportunity to step back and listen to what is right for you (and consequently align yourself with a path to succeed in a way you never would have dreamed possible)?

"Reach for a higher purpose. Go for something beyond what you thought you could do. Live with intensity. Let others lead small lives, but not you. Deal in things that matter – the larger challenges, the larger opportunities. If you will use, develop and work on your gifts they will make an extraordinary place for you. "Why not you? Be the leader of your own life. Lead with vision, passion and purpose. Because I guarantee you, the world is waiting for what only you can bring." (Jim Rohn)

Become greater than your doubt. Don’t wait another day; you still have time. Feed the spark within you that feels called to create, contribute and cause positive change in the world. The world needs what you have to offer.

Author's Bio: 

Anastasia is a Certified I See Your Dream Job Career Intuitive, award-winning co-author, and reinvention coach - out to change how we view the work we do. The number of people who are unfulfilled in their professional lives is epidemic. 71% of the workforce is either disengaged or actively disengaged; in some places in the world it is as high as 93%. Here’s the good news… Your dream job is hidden in plain sight. You don’t have to pretend to be satisfied with your professional life. Now you can discover your great work with ease. There’s a reason you have the dreams and talents that you do. You are here to realize your biggest life and highest potential through the work you do. Anastasia was trained by the Master Career Intuitive Sue Frederick and uses the methods outlined in her book “I See Your Dream Job”.

As creator and host of the Visionary Leaders BreakThrough, she teaches her signature 7 Keys to Reinvent Your Life program. In her latest book, Anastasia is featured alongside Marshall Goldsmith and Ken Blanchard in Ready, Aim, Excel! An Amazon International Bestseller, which received the Gold eLit award and is nominated for 2 other awards. Anastasia is a Featured blogger, Linked2Leadership, a top 16 leadership blog in the world, Nominated for NAFE Women of Excellence 2012, Stanford 2012 Who’s Who Registry, Associate Certified Coach, and International Coach Federation, and Former Corporate Vice President.