What are your money goals?

What does wealth mean to you?

Is it having a certain amount of money in the bank or is it having a certain lifestyle that makes you feel rich? Is wealth the freedom to spend your days doing what you love and getting paid for it? Does wealth mean exotic traveling and living in a beautiful home?

Whatever wealth means to you, know that there is usually more than one way to get what you want.

You can greatly improve your financial situation and enhance your lifestyle in multiple ways, once you open your mind up to the possibilities. When it comes to money goals, most people think of only creating more money. Yes, you can make more money, and you can do much more than that too!

Here are two stories that show how it’s possible to get what you want without spending what you think you need to spend.

A friend of mine once offered a business owner his ideas on how to resolve a serious issue the company owner was having. My friend offered his business advice as a personal favor. He didn’t realize that he was engaging in a barter. The company owner was so impressed with my friend’s astute business insights that he asked my friend what he would like to receive in return. My friend, who had wanted to buy a Bentley for years, told the business owner that he wanted his Bentley.

Yes, he got the Bentley. My friend enjoyed telling me this story as we drove around in his new car. (The average price of a Bentley is around $150,000.)

I once spoke with a young woman in San Francisco who had started her marketing business in the prior year. She lamented that she was going crazy trying to run her business by herself. From morning to night, she was constantly working.

In talking to her, it became obvious that she was spending time doing tasks that she could easily be delegating. I suggested that she hire someone right away before the stress became out of control. She agreed, but a few moments later complained that her business was not making enough money to hire anyone. When I told her that she could hire full time help from college-educated pools in foreign countries for a fraction of what she imagined, she looked shocked.

She recognized that her former employer had made millions by outsourcing to India, yet it had never occurred to her that an individual could hire from abroad too! By the end of our conversation, it was clear that she could in fact hire someone to help her in her business. Her previous money goal to make more money in order to hire someone was no longer needed.

The above article was in taken in part from The Warrior Spirit –How To Use Hidden Mind Powers and Ancient Wisdom To Create Wealth and Much More!

When we learn to think expansively about our money goals, and life in general, we open up the doors of possibilities. We perceive new ways to achieve our objectives.

It is then when the probability increases that we can achieve our money goals and goals overall.

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