Both are very long and difficult processes.

An interactive website requires either some kind of server-side script (usually coded in jQuery, AJAX, PHP, etc.) that feeds back to the website what the visitor is doing or it downloads content into the visitor's web browser, like a Flash game. The graphics are probably created in some kind of photo manipulation software like Photoshop or Illustrator.

An app is different - it would be coded to run on a computer. Usually this is done in a language like Python, C++, Java, or in the case of macs Objective C/Cocoa

I even have seven childrens (a while 12, 11, 9, 8, 6, 4, and a couple of), and the excellent factor that i've got completed is to purchase black line masters (meaning which you would be able to reproduction them) So what I do is reproduction each and each workbook as i'm getting them, and positioned the pages into an accordian record in accordance with grade and concern. this manner we are able to reuse each and each e book because of fact the subsequent youngster comes up.

We use workbooks from Mardels, whether we've gotten some great ones at Sam's club/walmart (the each and every thing for Grade sequence follows national pass skills and are very complete.we don't use books until severe college age, and those we get from the prevalent public library and curriculum sales via our community homeschool team. maximum communities have sales in the spring and fall...or will enable ISO or FS posts on their e mail checklist serves.

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