When a ship’s lifespan is over and ready to retire, a sustainable and safe responsible ship recycling process is done, in order to end the service of the vessel.

The ship recycling companies are indeed the world’s one of the biggest polluters, and unsustainable ship recycling generates a huge amount of waste into the environment. Therefore, abandoning the ship after it reaches the end stage, releases poisonous and toxic waste, which is extremely harmful to the environment.

The shipbreaking method, however, is widely used by people to dispose off the retired ships which can result in the release of toxic substances, affecting the environment and marine species. But now companies have understood the importance of sustainability, which leads them to recycle the waste products responsibly.

Today, the green ship recycling method is really popular among the ship scrap yards in India . This process is protecting the environment in the following ways-

- Responsible green ship recycling involves the process of removing those parts of the ships safely which are harmful to the environment, marine, and human lives. There are many toxic substances inside a ship including lead, asbestos, mercury, oil sludge, etc. Inefficient methods like shipbreaking, allow these poisonous waste to be disposed of dangerously in the seas. This not only harms humans but aquatic lives as well.

The green ship recycling process eliminates all these hazardous practices, thus protecting the environment. This method helps to discard the waste products of the ship efficiently, helping preserve the ecosystem which is the need of the hour. Most of the industries and factories release their poisonous wastes into the seas, harming the lives of marine animals. It is believed that if the ship recycling industries continue the same, then half of the marine lives will vanish permanently from this earth in no time.

- This method also deals with reusing the valuable materials and parts of a ship like, aluminum, brass, silver, and more. Most of a ship’s weight is in steel, the steel scrap from the retired vessel is being converted into rods, bars, and pillars for several other industrial purposes. Hence, saving the resources of the earth for future use.

- This eco-friendly recycling process also offers the best utility of the ship’s parts to its owner. Disassembling the parts of the retired ship is reused and kept with extra care. The steel, along with other metallic materials, is used for making rods and poles to be used in the construction industry and also for producing hinges and corner castings. The generators, lights, and batteries which were part of the scrapped ship get reused for various other purposes.

When ship recycling companies invest in green ship recycling processes to recycle parts of the retired ship, then the workforce is given the chance to earn money. From collecting reusable materials to recycling them into usable products, workers are given the opportunity to help save nature and at the same time earn money for a living. The green ship recycling process not only saves human and marine lives but also takes care of the resources by reusing them and saving the valuable materials for the future generation.

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