Mover companies provide two types of moving services such as local moving service and long-distance moving service. If you are confused which one of these services to choose, then you have come to the right place. In this article, we will tell you all the differences between these services that will help you make the right selection.

What tasks are performed by a local mover?

Local movers offer the movement of materials within localities such as towns or cities. These firms can deal with moves that do not go beyond state lines. These firms are expert in providing movement service in corporate and residential relocations.

A local mover also provides a few services of long-distance mover professionals that include storage, transport, and packing. Because they do not accommodate long moves, local movers use limited set of equipment. They use smaller trucks and fewer staff members for movement purposes.

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What task is performed by a long-distance mover?

Long-distance moving firms do not deal with long-term, and beyond the border moves. These services can move materials across state lines. These movers provide heavy machinery when you need to move your business or family.

Long-distance movers offer impeccable packing and storage services, a wide range of transport offerings and vehicle transport options to successfully move families from one point to another. Most movers deal with both commercial as well as residential moves so that you can easily contact them to meet your relocation requirements.

What should I need: long-distance mover or local mover?

If you are wondering about which mover you should hire, then the first thing you need to do is to look at the kind of your move. While a few long-distance mover firms offer local moves, some local movers even offer long-distance relocation services. You need to check with the mover firm, to find the type of services they provide.

Hire a local mover when:

  • You are moving to the same state
  • Your relocation is simple and short
  • Your movement requires only small moving equipment
  • You are moving only a few miles far from the original destination
  • You do not need an extensive team of professionals to pack your items

Hire a long-distance mover if:

  • You require to move across state lines, or even across the country
  • You have a lot of heavy houses to move, that includes vehicles also
  • Your office or business is relocating to a different state
  • You require a heavy-duty equipment along with a large team of packers, transport specialists and movers
  • You do not wish to deal with the relocation process on your own


In this way, a local mover differs from a long-distance mover. With this explanation, you must have got clarity on choosing the right movement option.

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