Passing the CFA exam is not easy. It calls for dedication and sacrifice. You have to go through more than 4,000 pages of study materials. According to experts, it may take you at least 300 hours to read everything covered in the curriculum. But still, this does not guarantee that you’ll pass the exam as the questions are often technical. The good news is that there is another way out. Using AdaptPrep, a comprehensive online program, you can prepare for the CFA exam in a short time and be able to pass it.

The AdaptPrep program is ideal for students on a budget. If compared to Schweser’s Premium Program ($1,100) and Wiley’s Platinum program (41,300), you pay at most $300 for AdaptPrep subscription. At the moment, AdaptPrep offers three packages: learn package, basic (practice) package, and complete package. All these packages are categorized into Level I, Level II, and Level III. With Level II and Level II programs, Coupon Cause tracks AdptPrep Codes for the three packages. All the packages are designed to help you study better for the CFA exam.

The Basic Package (Prepares You for the Actual Questions)

To gain the confidence to face the CFA questions, you need to be grilled on the actual questions. This is what the basic package offers you. It takes you through a review process so that you can get familiar with some of the questions that you’ll face in your CFA exam. The package features:

• 2500+ CFA practice questions
• 50 practice videos
• Formula sheet
• Performance report
• Calculator guide

The questions are generally customized to help you get familiar with the exam quickly. The videos are meant to help you develop more confidence in answering the questions while the performance report is meant to help you assess your overall performance. On the other hand, the calculator guide and formula sheet are to assist you to prepare for the calculations. The prices are $149 for Level I and $249 for both Level II and Level III.

The Learn Package (Prepares You for the CFA Curriculum)

To adequately prepare for the CFA exam, you have to understand the curriculum. The Learn package is specifically designed for this purpose. It helps you understand the CFA curriculum better so that that you can know the most evaluated areas. The package offers you the provisions of the basic package plus online notes that you can study. You’ll pay $199 for Level I and $299 and $399 for Level II and Level III respectively.

The Complete Package (Offers You Both Provisions)

If you want to get value for your money, then you should use the Complete Package. It has everything that you’ll find in the Basic and Learn packages. The program comes with a detailed curriculum and a review for questions at $299, $499, and $599 for Level I, Level II, and Level III programs respectively.

All these three AdaptPrep packages are accessible online and are the cheapest you can get to revise for your CFA exam. The concepts are designed for easy understanding, so you’ll find it fun to use them. They are just what you need to pass your CFA exam.

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