Fish oil has so many health solutions whereby you need not see a doctor for prescription. Fish is expensive hence needs you to sacrifice some cash for health benefits. For those individuals who live around the origin of fish i.e. near the lakes and oceans there are so privileged since the fish is cheap. Fish oil can be got through consumption of fish or just oil extracted from the fish. Consumption of fish is better than the extracted oil since it has all minerals a fish contains while the oil is not complete and has some preservatives. Fish contains the omega 3 fatty acids that are a great remedy for arthritis patients and any other patient in general.

The following are ways in which fish oil helps to combat arthritis
Helps in weight loss
Fish oil has the ability to reduce weight by burning calories around the waist and hip joint. Excess weight in the body stimulates arthritis and makes it severe hence need to be reduced. Omega 3 fatty acids in the fish oil burn the excess fat clogging around the joints making them to the increase the severity of joint pains. Take fish daily in your diet and you will be surprised how fast you will lose weight leafing to reduction of arthritis and joint pain.

Boosts immunity
Arthritis patients tend to have low immunity due to poor appetite and improper feeding. The omega 3 fatty acids in fish oil helps to increase appetite making the arthritis patient have better immunity. The is a list of over 100 types of arthritis where most of them can be managed by use of fish oil. Low immunity leads to spread of arthritis in almost every joint of their body. Feed on a proper diet to enable better immunity giving your body ability to fight any symptom that comes along with arthritis. These symptoms weaken the body too much making the arthritis patient become bedridden under a chronic condition.

Increases stamina
Arthritis leads to lack of stamina creating marital wars in young and old couples. Fish oil is a solution as you include it in your daily diet. Boost the fish oil with exercise that will greatly improve your stamina. In some cases, too much pain leads to loss of stamina and interest hence avoid being too idle focusing on the pain. This makes the joints rigid and immovable, ensure that your joints are active on a daily basis to enable the fish oil to awaken your stamina. All types of arthritis reduce the level of stamina especially in women hence they should turn to oil fish to avoid losing their spouses.

Reduces anxiety brought about by arthritis
Arthritis patients are prone to anxiety after a short period of working. The patient tends to be moody always and lacks interest in any activity, however, interesting it could be. Make sure that your patient is under proper diet which is inclusive of fish oil in order to reduce anxiety. Reduction of anxiety also reduces the mood swings making the patient jovial. All types of arthritis cause mood swings and anxiety. The patient becomes active in their daily chores without getting irritated easily since they can control the mood swings easily.

Ensures reduction of blood pressure
Blood pressure comes along as a symptom in all types of arthritis. Fish oil is proved to have the ability to control the blood pressure leaving it in the normal level. The patient is able to control by consumption of fish oil daily and also involving in activities that free up the mind. Some of these activities include swimming, running, Walking, practicing yoga among others. In the fish diet includes green vegetables such as spinach which is also a great source of omega 3 fatty acids and lots of water. They will enable to stabilize the blood pressure making the patient have the ability to relax without breathing difficulties.

Helps in regeneration of cartilage
Arthritis wears off the cartilage which prevents the joints from grinding each other hence leading to joint inflammation and finally joint pain. Fish oil has the ability to cause regeneration of cartilage and reduce joint pain by allowing easy movement of the joints without friction.

The types of fish that help in production of fish oil are: tuna, sardines, halibut, pollok, herring, salmon and cod-liver. Some of these fish are found in fresh waters while others are in salty waters. Do not take too much fish as you want to balance with omega 6 fatty acids which also aid in combating arthritis. Fish oil has advantages to your health such as keeping the brain active, ensuring proper blood circulation, generation of healthy hair and skin, and ensuring normal blood pressure among others.


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