While a girl is watching a romantic movie, she usually takes the role of female heroine and masters it so that she becomes to heroine herself and instead of watching a movie, she becomes a part of it, interacts and thinks of solutions to the problem; comparing it with her life and measuring every position where the movie heroine would be and where she would be, what she would do if she was in her place and what the heroine actually does; takes up what seems to be the best for her and stores the information in her mind to keep it for later, just in case she got in the same place.

When a guy watches a movie, he usually does the same thing. Even if the movie was about a zombie apocalypse, you find yourself measuring up the situation as if you were living the surreal movie and fighting off zombies. You begin plotting your escape from the land of the dead and how your arsenal of weapons and methods would be.

In a way, you either choose the realistic method that you can ultimately do or you choose the method you want the most, but the one you would not be able to do. For example, if you prefer using a motorbike when you can't ride it over the car, you basically choose what you want and not what you have.

But aside from movies and fictional flicks imagination does not stop with the fiction of a book or a story that you read, it does not stop with you age or disabilities. Imagination only stops when you choose to live life with no hope for a better choice. It only stops when you choose it to.

But imagination is a far superior method than living with no hope for a better tomorrow. It's not only need that makes you reach goals people did not reach before and need is not the beginning of invention.

One with the most vivid imagination usually obtains the ultimate goals to relive reality in a different shape, sometimes not for one's own self but rather for people. Most of the inventions we see today are the creation of people who have parted life for a long time, but we still live them and see the beauty of their inventions.

It's the dream that you seek out and attempt to accomplish that keeps you going even if it seemed impossible to you or to those around you. If people say that you are dreaming, then you are on the right track. If they say that your dreams are impossible when you are working on a way to accomplish them, then you are going to exceed every expectation and succeed even if it was just a little.

Your imagination is a part of your will; as long as you have strong will and vivid imagination, then know that your dreams are going to be accomplished, even if it was in a time beyond yours, you will succeed because those who live without imagination die without accomplishments.

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