There are a lot of benefits associated with losing weight. If you are obese you might have felt some sort of challenges in your everyday life. Whether it is associated with not being able to climb higher floors on foot or some other health conditions in your life, obesity promotes a lot of these disabilities. This is precisely the reason why losing a few pounds may help you a lot.

Being overweight exposes a person to several health issues. This is why weight loss is very beneficial. In case of heart diseases it reduces the strain on the heart. There for it ends up reducing the risk of high blood pressure and the associated damage which can lead to several life threatening situations. In this text, we are going to discuss how weight loss and high blood pressure are connected.

Overweight and obesity are some of the factors which are associated with cardiovascular diseases, stroke, cancers and numerous other disorders. Additionally obesity is also a very prevalent risk factor for development of high blood pressure or hypertension. Hypertension usually occurs when the blood pressure goes beyond 140/90 mm of Hg. Hypertension is a harmful condition because it exposes the individual towards risk of other diseases such as renal disease, stroke, CVD and causes a lot of deaths worldwide.

According to experts, there is a relationship between being overweight and risk of hypertension. In several studies, this connection has been routinely confirmed. In one particular study, it was found that hypertension is twice as prevalent in obese people if compared to their non-obese counterparts. Moreover, the public health burden of high blood pressure is very big. This is precisely the reason why reduction of patients suffering from hypertension is very important.

Another interesting fact to know about obesity and hypertension is that regular physical activity is known to facilitate weight loss and decrease blood pressure. This not only decreases the risk of cardiovascular diseases, but also reduces the probability of a person developing hypertension. This makes us conclude that a reduced weight corresponds to reduced blood pressure.

Additionally, according to others studies the centripetal fat distribution is also connected with hypertension and insulin resistance. Therefore even if a person is able to achieve a modest weight loss then it may help in reducing the blood pressure and improving insulin sensitivity. According to several sources, weight reduction reduces the blood pressure by about 5 to 20 mm of Hg.

After going over all of these facts, let us take a look at a few healthy habits that you must incorporate to reduce weight if you have been diagnosed of hypertension. Even if you want to protect your heart from any strain, you must incorporate the following steps to lose a little bit of weight.

Limit your alcohol intake

Alcohol not only harms the liver but it is also a very prevalent cause of high blood pressure. This is precisely the reason why you must practise moderation. Drinking once or twice socially is okay. However, one must begin to reduce their intake if their drinking habits are quite frequent.


The predominant way to lose a few pounds is exercising. Make sure to exercise regularly about 20 to 30 minutes. This would not only help you to reduce a little bit of weight but it would also promote your flexibility. You can also replace your exercising routine with a dance routine or taking brisk walks if you are not comfortable with an extensive aerobic activity.

Eat healthy

Losing weight won’t happen if you continue to eat all the junk like your everyday diet. Cutting on high sugar and high fat food items is very important to lose weight. One must consult a nutritionist or a dietician to come up with a proper diet plan. Follow this diet plan religiously and replace every unhealthy habit with nutritious food options. Eating healthy and exercising regularly or two key elements to losing weight and eventually controlling the blood pressure.

Do not smoke

Smoking not only harms the lungs but it exposes an individual to words the risk of developing cardiovascular disorders. Quitting to smoke is one of the best decisions that a person can make. You can get an online Doctor's consult to come up with a plan that helps you to quit smoking.

Since being overweight and hypertension are connected, we must work hard to manage our weight. Not only would this reduce our risk of contracting hypertension but it is also good for other health conditions. Losing weight may seem like an arduous task but it has several health benefits which makes it worth it. In case you have already been diagnosed of hypertension, watch your weight and try to maintain it in healthy numbers. Avoid all the harmful substances as well.

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