Obesity has become one of the biggest health hazards around the world and same has been concluded by a number of surveys and research around the world recently. Moreover, this issue can further lead to a number of other health issues and Infertility can be one of them. Not a lot of people know this but Obesity got a big role to play in the Fertility issues in the Human beings. Also, it impacts the IVF treatment process by a bigger context and the same can be looked into by seeing the below mentioned facts.

Impact on the Hormonal Balance

It’s been noted that the Hormonal balance of the female body goes through a number of changes once the person starts gaining weight. Once it goes past the Overweight category with Body mass index within 25-29, the hormonal changes in the body starts going. This could further impact the chances of conception in the females by a big degree and this is why experts always recommend maintaining a healthy body weight.

The Insulin Resistance level

Moreover, Hormonal imbalance coming out of Obesity may lead to increased Insulin Resistance and the same can drastically impact the fertility levels and may also lead to abnormal menstrual cycles. Insulin resistance may also result in anovulation, where the body doesn’t produce the eggs in the normal manner.

Issue during Natural or assisted pregnancies

While we understand that Obesity results in Hormonal imbalance and Insulin Resistance, it can also lead to Miscarriages and various other issues during the Natural or Assisted Pregnancies. All these issues could be the result of Poor quality of eggs of other health problems out of Obesity.

Infertility issues in Men

While most of the people stay concerned about Infertility issues Women out of Obesity, It can also play a critical role in the men as well. Men with higher Body weight issues are found to have low testosterones levels in their body and also said to be having issues like Increased erectile Dysfunction during the process.
So what can be quoted as the Solution?
As we had a deep insight about the health issues which may come out due to Obesity, there are also a number of solutions to the same. First and foremost, the persons needs to keep a check on their body weight and that would eventually decreases the possibility of all the above mentioned health ailments.

Once the body weight of any women would come to a normal level, the chances of conception would ultimately increase. Even random surveys and research reports have concluded that Reducing weight have a positive impact on the overall fertility levels of the Female partners.
They can have a better Hormonal balance and also deprive them falling prey to Increased Insulin Resistance in the human body.

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