Customers consider a short order fulfillment cycle to be a important deciding factor when choosing suppliers. More so, when it comes to dairy and dairy products due to their short shelf life. And so, the need to have efficient and swift order management processes arises from the demand of customers for the same.

Add to the this, there is a need to reduce costs that businesses run up when the right orders are delivered to the wrong addresses or when the wrong order reaches the right address. Runbacks are a nightmare in terms of costs and the effort in redoing the process. All this when your brand's reputation is on the line.

The dairy industry is fast paced. Milk and milk products are perishable and have a short shelf life. Unlike other products they need low temperatures during transportation and storage. And so, the order fulfillment cycle — receiving, processing and delivering the customer's order — should be managed efficiently.

Manual order processing systems used by businesses are inefficient. They are prone to human errors and bog down the fulfillment cycle. Human errors will prevent orders from going through the way they were intended. Orders from a single customer distributed over various media, misinformation due to disconnected departments and lack of accountability can all affect the order process.

Simple, affordable, digital and automated solutions can improve the order fulfillment process in your dairy business. Businesses need to rethink the way order processing is currently done to achieve faster order fulfillment cycles, accurate order processing and reducing costs in order to gain a competitive advantage.

Phykon Direct is one such SAAS based programming which can enable you to streamline and mechanize your request the executives work process with practically half decrease in your operational expense and 100% expansion in your request the board proficiency.

Phykon Direct is a modern, robust order management software developed to manage and streamline order processing requirements in the dairy industry. It is a centralised, RPA-enabled, order management software that helps you take control over your dairy business with 100% accuracy, 50% cost reduction and significant efficiency improvements.
Phykon has been assisting the Australian dairy industry for more than a decade now. Our order management system, Phykon Direct, powered by Robotic Process Automation, has been designed from the in-depth knowledge gained from the dairy industry. It is the best automation software in the business that you can utilise to gain a competitive edge.
We provide the best order management solution, which is a combination of Phykon Direct, our centralised OMS, and a competent team of order entry experts. Our team has vast global experience and follow stringent quality standards to ensure error-free order processing services. You get round-the-clock assistance which ensures that orders are never missed.
When an excellent product is combined with swifter, faster, assured order processing in a way that satisfies the customer, it increases value for the customer and your brand, strengthening your market position. You will not only retain your current customers, but also widen your reach by roping in potential customers.

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“Phykon creates sophisticated solutions powered by Robotic Business Process Automation and Artificial Intelligence to make your business futureproof. Let’s join hands to discover how Phykon can help your organization achieve the next level in profitability and productivity by leveraging the power of RPA, Affordable RPA software, AI in contact centers and back offices.”