Unlike the Anglo-Saxon countries, the printing of personalized postcards is a little known (and therefore little used) diffusion option among SMEs in our country. The creation of advertising campaigns based on the sending of cards is a traditional technique of marketing, but until now only large companies had taken advantage of it (the "relational marketing" of the nineties).

And the truth is that it is surprising that it is so, especially if we stick to the results that "postcard marketing" offers in other countries. Perhaps the reason that small and medium companies have not gone to work this technique is that, to be really effective, a marketing campaign with postcards, like any direct marketing activities, must be done from a database of customers and potential customers (hereinafter "contacts") well segmented.

Your Postcards can be the first step to assemble a successful event. At Print, we take care of delivering excellent Postcards, printed on the best digital and offset printing technology with multiple finishes. The process can be done sitting on your computer, you design your Postcards, enter Print, choose the characteristics of your order, select the amount and upload the file you created. Printing Postcards was never easier.

Postcards are perfect to generate brand recall, give a gift voucher, such as Christmas cards or for any other special occasion such as a wedding. We have a specific size of 16.5 x 11.5 cm. It can be printed in Offset or in Digital depending on the quantity sent to printing. With Print you always choose: decide if you want your Postcards to be printed on one or both sides and also choose the finish you like, whether with glossy lamination, matte lamination or full UV gloss. Postcards are only laminated on one side so you can write on the unglazed backing.

Although Postcards are usually associated with vacations or trips, they are an absolutely effective element to carry out commercial campaigns or to publicize your brand in all types of events; some can even request them as a small detail or as a bonus. Discount for special customers. We offer deliveries of up to 4 business days depending on the city in which you are, and you can order from only 50 units onwards. In Print we understand that we all look for the best purchase benefit, that's why we offer you 500 units of Postcards for only

Usually, we tend to think that Postcards are an element that we buy in trips to send home or to our friends, as a way of reporting what we are doing, but they really are much more than that. Postcard prinitng act as an invitation to a business or social event, for a birthday, a nice wedding and even send them as a Christmas gift. Sometimes they can work as gift vouchers, as decorative elements of your company or your home or simply as a great advertising campaign that generates brand recall in everyone who sees or receives it.

Standing out with personalized postcards Nowadays, obtaining a good database of contacts is within the reach of any company, be it large or small: the inbound marketing strategies, well focused, will allow us to obtain the desired information with a minimum cost. It has happened to all of us that we have seen on the Internet some eBook, guide (or "info product" in general) that has aroused our interest and in exchange for which we have provided our data. In principle, nobody likes to provide personal information ... but if what is offered is worth ... we do it. From here, companies usually undertake a series of periodic contacts through digital newsletters, deciding to flood the emails of their supporters with emails with frequency sometimes ... daily! Result? Intoxication With the over-saturation of information in which we live, basing the entire dissemination strategy on doing the same thing that everybody does, that is, sending digital newsletters, is not very intelligent. And this is where the marketing of postcards or "postcard marketing”.

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