Surrogacy works in five easy steps, starting with the donation of eggs and sperm, IVF process to create embryos, and after that, the transfer of the embryos into a surrogate mother. Addition to this, the prospective intended parents must find a qualified surrogate. Last but important part is to organize their parental rights within their regional courts.

Gestational surrogacy has become a popular fertility alternative for couples. It might seem complicated, but it is easy to comprehend the surrogacy process as a collection of necessary steps.

This article will explain how surrogacy works in 5 steps.

Surrogacy process always begins with an overview of your options at the IVF clinic or with a surrogacy agency. Your surrogacy professional should supply as much assistance as you need for so long as you need it. Your agent's top priority would be to give all the details you need, and he should not demand any payment until you're prepared to begin your surrogacy journey.

Step 1. The Intended Parents will travel to the IVF clinic that is chosen they or their surrogacy agency want for IVF.

As we know, sperm donation much more straightforward task to do and can be completed in couples of mins. However, the egg donor may need fertility treatments to ensure the success of the donation. The egg donation process involves a stimulation process. It is a two weeks process, start from the first day of the donor's natural cycle. The eggs are then retrieved under ultrasound guide and fertilized with the father's sperm sample.

Step 2. Finding surrogate mother

Typically, the selection of surrogate mothers is made by surrogacy agencies. They do have many correct amounts of networking to find a surrogate mother. and professional staff to complete the recruitment process efficiently. You might find your very own surrogate through online communities. You can also look out in your family/friends to see if someone wishes to become a surrogate mother for you.

Step 3. Preparation and embryos transfer in surrogate mother

The surrogate mother starts with fertility treatments, that takes about two to three weeks from the first day of her natural cycle. Preparation surrogate mother endometrium lining is one of the crucial steps of all surrogacy process. Furthermore, the success of the embryo transfer depends on the endometrium lining of the surrogate mother and the quality of the embryos.

Step 4. Prenatal & Pregnancy Care of the surrogate mother

Following a successful pregnancy has been confirmed, the routine gynecologist care start. Unlike natural pregnancy, the IVF pregnancy consists of external hormonal support the pregnancy until 12 weeks. After the gestational age, the IVF pregnancy is treated and dealt, just like any other natural pregnancy. Of course, in the case of twin’s pregnancy or some other complication, more frequent and attentive approach is followed.

In Western nations like the US, the surrogate will reside at home with her family. However, in developing countries, the surrogate stays in the surrogate hostel under the supervision of the surrogacy agency or IVF clinic staff.

Step 5. Birth & Becoming Legal Parents

When the surrogate is ready to give birth, the clinic, along with obstetrician, will pick a convenient date to the delivery. The parents are advised to be available around that time. Nowadays, most maternity hospitals allow the intended parents to be there at the time of baby delivery. Thus, giving the right opportunity to be involved with the birthing process.

Once the baby is born, the activities of the legal expert began. In some countries like the USA, the baby gets the citizenship of the surrogate mother. As per the State, pre-birth order or post-birth order is taken.

If your baby is born via international surrogacy process, then you might need more time and effort. This start with getting the baby birth certificate, which can be done relatively quickly in 3-4 working days. After that, you need to go to your local embassy and fill the application of the citizenship of baby by decent. You might need DNA tests. Once baby travel documents are received, you are free to go back to your country with the baby.

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