Companies of all types and sizes regard the ISO 9001 certification as an achievement badge or benchmark because it can help them to get more attention in the market and hence, more sales. The ISO 9001 is definitely a standard for Quality Management System (QMS), but how it can benefit a business’s clients is still a question. This article will you show you the need for the ISO 9001 quality management standard in your business.

Being an international certification, the ISO 9001 really helps a business to establish its credibility and win the confidence of clients. It directly demonstrates the competency of their QMS in maintaining the quality of their products/services and consequently, satisfying the clients. Achieving the standard could help the satisfaction of your clients and get you client base you want. Read the following section to know how the ISO 9001 QMS can benefit the clients of your business.

Benefits of the ISO 9001 Certification for the Clients of Your Business

Customer-centric QMS

The ISO 9001 standard calls for the establishment of a strong, competent QMS that is compliant with the requirements of the standard. One of the key requirements mentioned under clause 5.2 of the standard is customer focus. It simply means that the organization’s QMS must have an integral focus to improve the experience of customers and their satisfaction level. Hence, you should use specific measures to determine the needs of customers such as feedback forms, online and POS (Point of Sale) surveys, and reviews. They would collect as much information as possible regarding their needs or expectations and address them. Also, the QMS should have an effective customer complaints management where they can pay attention to every complaint regarding quality issues, refunds, delivery time, etc. and resolve them as soon as possible.

Periodic Audits

When your business is certified with an ISO standard, it has to undergo frequent thorough internal audits at regular intervals. The audits ensure that your QMS is working efficiently in addressing all the specific needs of clients or customers. The needs or expectations of clients change with time as the market scenario evolves and new trends come up. The audits make sure that the QMS is updated as well as remains compliant with the ISO 9001 to fulfill the emerging expectations or needs of clients.

PDCA Cycle of Improvement

The ISO 9001 based QMS helps you to control your routine processes that are used to produce the products or deliver the services. Thus, the standard does not specifically put a badge of approval on your products or services but it confirms the competency of the system that produces, manages and improves your products/services. You should review and enhance the system in a continuous cycle to help the system perform its functions in a more robust way. This refers to PDCA or Plan-Do-Check-Act methodology which ensures that QMS is reviewed time and time again to identify the improvements required, implement the improvements, check their ISO conformity, and make necessary corrections to assure their conformity. The PDCA cycle ultimately culminates to improve the QMS which would make the quality of products/services better.

The ISO 9001 quality management standard is a worthy achievement for your business, which can help you earn the trust of clients and retain them in the long run. As mentioned in the above points, the certification makes a business customer-focused and improves its processes continually. Clients of an ISO 9001 certified company can have peace of mind that their chosen company consistently uses reliable processes, pays attention to their needs and proactively works to provide a better experience to them. This increases their trust and makes their relationship with the company stronger eventually.

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