Titanium TV is a functioning split/replica of Terrarium TV's common streaming APK. Titanium has the same configuration, settings, interfaces, etc. It can also use MX Player as a media player and provides several source choices for an outstanding streaming experience. The program also assists subtitles.

If you've ever had a feeling that you're spending more bucks on your OTT subscriptions or TV, don't panic because you're not alone. Before all these programs were first launched, it was all free, but when they began selling, at which issues launched with advertising and promotion, customers were still looking for a way to pay less or get the service free of charge.

So making use of all these people's issues comes with an attractive platform like Titanium TV, which offers completely unlimited complimentary content that was free of charge and was a boon to users who were looking for affordable content.

Remember popcorn time, it was all over the internet and it was a success. It was released with the support of bit torrent, enabling its users to watch content free of charge. Woefully, it allowed its users to access pirated content on-demand, so all ISP providers blocked it, and Hollywood came knocking on their doorstep.

History of Terrarium TV

When Terrarium TV came into being, it was very close to popcorn time, as it had the same approach of delivering content from the web in a stylish way just for Android-powered smartphones. But it was significantly different as compared to its predecessor, with a more appealing box, but the days were numbered the same as popcorn time.

All the specifics of the download will be very clear on the terrarium TV website, just go there and follow the instructions. Then the website abruptly disappeared after it had been developed in a project known as GitHub. There was no legitimate explanation of why it had disappeared since there was no clear excuse from the admin.

From the beginning, the particular website had a range of issues, but its users did not care about any of those things because they were completely eager to get as much content as they could get free of charge. As a result, the website came to an end on September 11, 2018, as the admin had left the website following the problems it faced, and the software developer NitroXenon sent a message to its users that they will be closed down soon and the application will be automatically shut down. They also said they had no plans to clone or source the software, and no other developer could rebuild it later.

Legal Issues

In legal terms, therefore, this application can still be run based on the permissible grounds. Similar to torrent sites, the app did not provide any pirated content, it only gathered links to videos that were already available on the web. This is technically legal, but your ISP providers do not approve of it, making it very difficult to search for terrarium TV content without using a VPN or watching advertisements.

Instead of leading users to torrents like popcorn time, Terrarium TV will redirect links to videos from across the world, including videos on legitimate websites. So when you're deciding what to watch, the app gathers details based on your preference and gathers different links to videos of your preference to start watching.

Terrarium TV only redirects links from other sites on the Internet, does not host content or upload any videos of its own, nor does it store any links in its database for potential use. It philters links based on your preference for a user-friendly interface.

All these things were fine, but the real problem started when the app started redirecting links from websites that hosted pirated material, giving users pirated material. So the developer hasn't declared the closure for a long time, so what to do when the legal authorities are telling you to shut it down. Even after this incident, users kept the app installed on their devices and the app sent them a fair warning, tracking their IP address and location at the same time.

When a specific website approached the app developer, they said that the app had monitored IP addresses and locations, and if the authorities had requested them to give it up for their investigation, they had no choice but to give them what they were asking, it was a matter of official investigation.

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