Achieving Dominica citizenship is quite easy because of the Investment Program, which was introduced in the year 1993. There are many people who are interested in this Investment Program in order to obtain the Dominica citizenship because it comes with several advantages. There are two types of Investment Program that will help a person to gain the Dominica citizenship. The program is getting more enhanced and more refined with every passing day.


Reasons to opt for the Dominica citizenship


  • If you become the Dominica citizen, then you will be able to visit 130 + countries with the help of Dominica passport visa. So even if you are visiting Singapore or the United Kingdom you won't have to avail any separate visa for that.


  • After you become the Dominica citizenship you are free to work in Dominica and the member state of the Eastern Caribbean Organisation. You can stay here and work here without any hassle. If you are carrying out any type of business, then it will provide you with the liberty of carrying out the duty-free trading with the members of the Caribbean Common Market.


  • After becoming the Dominica citizenship you will be able to save yourself from any type of duty taxes, global taxes, property taxes or taxes on the capital gain. If you provide all the documents properly, then it won't take more than two to three months for you to gain the Dominica citizenship. You can hire an authorised agent who can perform the process and represent you in front of the Dominica government.


  • The citizenship that you will gain will stay with you forever and it will be passed from one generation to another generation without any discontinuity. So you will have to go through the stringent process to avail the Dominica citizenship and all the other members will inherit it if they are living in  Dominica.


  • If you want to avail the Dominica citizenship, then the process is very simple and quick. Within a span of 2 to 3 months, the entire processing will be completed and you will be provided with your passport and citizenship. You can fill out an application online and hire an authorised agent who will act as a bridge between the client and the concerned government authorities.


  • In this Dominica application, you will be able to include your family members who are dependent on you like your children whose age is under 30 and parents or grandparents whose ages are more than 55 years.


  • After becoming a Dominica citizen, you can enjoy dual and multiple citizenships. There are numerous benefits to obtaining this citizenship. Even your home country will not be informed about the request or grant that you are making in order to include yourself in the investment program.


These are the few things that you need to keep in mind when you are obtaining Dominica citizenship. It is true that the citizenship obtaining program will provide you with a lot of advantages so you need to provide everything that is authentic.

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