I, Sudeshna along with my husband would like to express my heartfelt gratitude to Dr. Shivani for helping us to become a complete family. She was like the angel of messenger came as an answer to my prayers. Due to her hard efforts and continuous counseling, we were able to become successful parents.

Now, I have a pair of twin boys playing around in my house allows us to enjoy the thrill of the parenthood life. Here I would explain my pain and joy that I felt during this whole journey and how we met Dr. Shivani Sachdev Gour.

Before we met Dr. Shivani
My marriage with my husband with arranged thus the decision of conceiving any baby took some time. But taking the decision, we mentally and prepared for welcoming the third member of our family. But unfortunately, I was not able to become pregnant even after six years after our marriage. This event caused me some serious heartbreak and made me distant from my husband.

For conceiving a baby, I started to follow some weird rituals and started to visit temples regularly. All those rituals caused my health to deteriorate at a rapid rate and this made my husband pretty worried. He took me to the hospital where doctor declared that I am suffering severe malnutrition and needed to get admitted to the hospital immediately. In the hospital, I got to know a nurse who advised me the name of Dr. Shivani Sachdev after learning my case.

After we met Dr. Shivani
Getting curious I told my husband about the topic and he searched her name on the internet where we came across the IVF treatment process. After the long discussion, we decided to make an appointment with the doctor. After meeting with the doctor, we presented her our case file.

After Dr. Shivani review our case file, she prescribed some test for both of us. After getting the result she confirmed that the IVF process is the possible solution to our problems. Thus, after the long process of the treatment, I was able to conceive a pair of twin.

Thus, if you are also suffering from the same fate then like me then I would recommend meeting with Dr. Shivani. She might be the solution to the entire problem you are facing right now.

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