I, Suchisman and my wife Sohini would like to express our heartfelt gratitude to Dr. Shivani for getting our simile back to our faces. Due to continuous effort and counseling, we were able to overcome our difficult situation and were able to become a parent. Now we have a beautiful little boy playing in our home, allowing us to enjoy the parenthood life. Here I would explain my experience and pain that I felt on the path of becoming a parent and how Dr. Shivani Sachdev helped us in this journey.

Before we met Dr. Shivani
Just after our marriage, we decided that we want to have children. Thus we began to prepare ourselves for welcoming the new member of our family. But even after the five years of our marriage, my wife was not able to conceive a child. After some time, my wife started to follow some weird tradition and rituals. She began going to temples and started to weird things.

Then one day I got to know that my wife has lost her consciousness and got admitted in the hospital. The doctor reported to me that my wife is suffering from both depression and malnutrition. And when the attending doctor came to know our case, the doctor recommended us the name of Dr. Shivani Sachdev Gour.

After we met Dr. Shivani
After heard about Dr Shivani, I searched for information about her and came across the IVF treatment procedure. I had a long discussion with my wife regarding the topic and decided to make an appointment with the doctor. After meeting with the doctor we presented her with our case file.

Dr. Shivani reviews our case file prescribed some test for examination. From the test report, she concluded that IVF treatment is possible for us. Then after the long treatment process, my wife was able to conceive our child and after we have a little baby boy in our hands.

Therefore, if you are also suffering from the same fate as mine then I would recommend you to meet with Dr Shivani Sachdev Gour. She could have a solution to your present problem.

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