There is no death of driving schools in the Oz – to start with. Some of them are good, some are not-so-good, and the rest are not worth mentioning. The good ones of them are home to some highly competent trainers who make the lives of the trainers fairly easier, and the training sessions a mere cakewalk.

Now, what makes these schools better than the others? Surely it is the way they train and the content of their training course. One good thing about these schools is that they do not encourage in the making of hoons. But that’s only a fraction of the story. The real acumen of these schools is how well they take on the mental blockage of the trainees and helps them get rid of those blockages.

Now, coming to that ‘mental thing' virtually every trainee has that in them, and it's the responsibility of these schools to take care of them.

They make the driving test a relaxing experience

The way these driving schools of Newcastle train their students, and the way they make them mentally strong, that appearing for the tests and cracking them become a mere cakewalk for these blokes and sheilas.

They make their students stronger in such a way that they are as calm as they can be when the D day arrives. With proven skills and techniques, these trainers give them a better chance of cracking and this is what makes these tests a relaxing experience for these trainees.

They simulate the test ambience as much as they can

This is another confident-building measure that these driving schools come up with. Besides making them run for some extra hard yards, these schools set up an atmosphere or ambience, which perfectly simulates that of the real test.

Thus, by the time the D-day arrives the trainees have already ‘seen’ what a test looks or feels like. This makes them relaxed and helps them get rid of that infamous ‘mental thing’.

The mode of preparation

This is also one factor where these good schools score over their average-rated counterparts. They make sure that their training courses are as good and as perfect as they can be. They make their trainees competent enough to take on heavy rain and fog, mist and frost, heavy traffic, unsealed motorways and narrow country lanes and roads.

They are helped to develop skills of parking under different circumstances and dealing with other adverse conditions.

These driving lessons in Newcastle NSW automatically make the trainees highly confident about their abilities, and this is where a good driving school will differ from an average one.

Addressing the parasympathetic issues

Then there are those parasympathetic issues, which have to be addressed in order to make the trainees stronger as the D-day arrives. Again, the better driving schools take the help of experienced counselors who would prescribe specific mental exercises that help the blokes overcome these parasympathetic issues.

So you see, these are the areas where a quality driving training school will make the difference when it comes to removing the mental blockades of the budding men and women at wheels.

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The author is the owner of one of the best driving schools in Newcastle NSW that give some wonderful driving lessons to its trainees. The author is also a very good blogger followed by a number of people.