Drug addiction happens to be a serious disease that affects one’s health and financial situation as well. Drug use and dependency has led many an addict down a road that has a dead end. Utter financial ruin and bankruptcy await the person who dabbles in drugs.

Drug users pay the price in a variety of different ways. It could be buying drugs, dealing with legal costs like arrest warrants and DUI”s, losing out on their jobs and missing out on potential promotions, medical costs due to drug related illnesses and injuries, a higher insurance due to accidents, or they could basically be very negligent of their own finances. All these factors play a very significant part in the financial turmoil of those who suffer from addiction.

One of the most immediate ways in which drug use leads to financial problems is when the addict purchases a substantial quantity of drugs over a period of time. The addict will, over time, develop a tolerance to the drug of his choice and will increasingly need more and more drugs to sustain his habit. This places a significant financial burden on the shoulders of the addict.

When intense addictive behavior is combined with an increased tolerance level, the result is an uncontrollable physical craving for the drug. A recent survey shows that heroin addicts spend 30 dollars on average daily on heroin. This works out to 800 dollars in a month and 10000 dollars over the course of the year. Purchasing of drugs in this manner is very expensive and with a lack of control over consumption the money spent on drugs will always hit the pocket in a damaging manner.

There are other factors also that play a significant role in how drug abuse can cause financial trouble. One of them is decrease in overall productivity. A drug addict is more prone to losing a job due to poor attendance, the quality of their work diminishes, and this could result in a firing from the job. Drug addicts also miss out on promotions because of poor work ethic and sometimes they are so drugged that they neglect work duties. Their reputation and credibility goes for a toss and their careers suffer.

Other reasons why drug habits lead to financial trouble are bad lifestyle choices, hospitalizations for addiction related diseases and illnesses, and payment of accrued legal bills. Drug addiction can be a very costly business and the best hope for the addict is to seek out a de-addiction center and go for a detox and rehab. Look for 90 day treatment program, 90 days residential drug rehab programs, 90 day residential drug rehab programs in Texas or 90 day addiction treatment centers Texas.

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