Those dealing with stress and anxiety who've turned to drugs need another way to deal with their problems. That's where a reputable drug rehabilitation center comes to play. When in a drug rehab program, there are several phases to go through that involve emotional, physical, and mental health treatment to help the addict overcome their addiction and help prevent a relapse.

Phase 1) Detox - This first step is a hard one, but will allow your body to free itself of the drugs that have been coursing through your veins and wreaking so much havoc. Because your body is so used to having its fix, this is the period that you'll face withdrawals in. There are different non-addictive drugs that are used to help reduce your body's dependency.

Phase 2) Therapy - The second step introduces you to people who are going through the same trials and helps you to build a supportive and understanding community. Therapy helps you to understand and find better ways to deal with your problems, through individual and group sessions.

Phase 3) Outpatient Therapy - This third step comes when counselors are satisfied with your strides as a patient and believe that you can successfully re-enter society, without being harmful to yourself or others. During this time, you're still required to check in with your counselor and visit anonymous support group meetings. Having this type of support system available will help you to make the right choices when situations arise that you would've formerly used drugs or alcohol to deal with.

The time period in which these steps are taken varies from person to person, and situation to situation. Most drug rehab centers implement fairly long treatment schedules. Rushing through a sensitive situation like addiction is counterproductive.

No matter how well a person does in their treatment program, it doesn't guarantee that they won't have a relapse. While the drug rehab program offers appropriate coping skills and support, various circumstances can cause even the best patient to revert to their old habits. Ensure that thorough research is done when deciding which drug rehab center you'll be attending, so that you're sure it's offering the best choices for you.

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