In most cases, parents do not need to put any effort into teaching their toddlers how to speak. Since the kids are observing their parents and other family members talking to each other, they adopt the speaking technique easily. But when it comes to writing, they need proper guidance. These days, most parents are relying on the centres providing early learning in western Sydney. Kids are spending long hours in these centres. Therefore, these centres are now responsible for helping them in adopting skills including writing.

It is better to ensure that the preschool you are targeting follows proper ways to teach the kids how to write. How should you ensure this? Consider the following tips:

Giving the kids opportunities of giving them things for themselves

Many times you might have heard from your parents that self-service is the best. Nothing can be truer than this. It is important to prepare kids for self-help skills. Activities including spreading butter on a slice of bread or opening and filling the water bottles help the toddlers to make the muscle stronger and develop dexterity that helps in writing.

Stocking up on all kinds of creative supplies

Some preschools offering childcare in Western Sydney are teaching the kids-hole pinching, scissor use, and dealing with play dough. These activities help them improve the fine motor skills, and strength they need to write. Even, sculpting with clay, making jewelry or beading, cardboard activities, painting, and using chalks enhance fine motors and other relevant skills that help in building writing skill.

Asking them to build with Legos, Lincoln, and other building toys

Do you know that building toys enhances the fine motor skills of the children? Yes, it is true as toy development needs the children to maneuver the pieces into place. Also, it fosters creativity that gives birth to several skills in them like writing and drawing. Such unstructured playing activities open a door of imagination to the children.

Letting them play in unstructured outdoor places

Many scientific surveys and researches have reported that playgrounds and unstructured outdoor games have positive impacts on several skills children grow in the initial years of their lives. Writing skill is built by fine motor skills and for gaining sine motor skills, the children need to develop a firm sense of body awareness and overall strength.

Bottom Line

Parents and caregivers should understand that writing is more than a practical skill that the kids need to ensure their success in school. It is a way of expressing their feeling and creativity. Before wrapping up the discussion, some tips on growing writing skills in the children are listed below:

• Read children's books with them and build a reading habit in them; more they read easier will be the adoption of writing skills.
• Write before them so that they can feel curious and ret their hand at writing
• Engage them in activities that make their muscles (needed for writing) stronger

So, ask the preschool offering early learning in Western Sydney whether they are following these practices or not.

Author's Bio: 

Lyn Aqua is a child counsellor who is working with a renowned preschool that offers early learning in Western Sydney. Earlier, she has worked with many reputed centres providing childcare in Western Sydney. She pens for several magazines and websites which help in parenting.