The use of effective copy writing is a much better choice than hyping your goods for anybody looking for long term success online. When working online the primary means of communication you have with your marketplace is the written word. With that being said it is wise to make the best use of it in a way that will help you build your business for long term success online.

Here is a look at the benefits or even damages you may experience depending upon the delivery style you choose to represent any product or services you are promoting.


1) This approach more times than not relies upon outlandish claims to make the product or service more attractive to readers. This obviously leaves buyers feeling disdain and remorse as a result!

2) Hype normally targets the needs of consumers to the point that many will make a buying decision based upon emotion. Once again this often times leaves people feeling regret about their purchase since product did not live up to the way it was represented.

3) Creating a false sense of urgency normally based upon product scarcity or price increases once again hurries people into making 'hasty' buying decisions. Experiences like this almost always leave buyers feeling bitter toward the advertisers! In the end people will remember they were basically deceived!

Traditional Sales Copy

1) By accurately reviewing features that products or services possess copy writers are able to give their readers more of an insight into what they are being offered. In this way people are being better informed in order to make a more educated purchasing decision!

2) Effective sales copy always emphasizes benefits in order to build enthusiasm and move readers closer to making a purchase. The key all along in this process is that the information being offered is truthful and accurate. This helps to promote a more positive image for you leading to a greater chance of repeat sales and is the best way to build your business for long term success online.

3) By connecting with people in a way that is honest and helpful you not only enhance your own positive reputation but also increase the chances of future referrals as well! It is only natural that if people experience a pleasant experience they are much more likely to share it with others. Truth and honesty weighs heavily with anybody making a purchasing decision and is always appreciated and remember!

Effective copy writing is normally all that is needed in order to influence people into making a purchasing decision. By properly presenting the written word in a way that accurately describes features and benefits, good sales copy will help you build your business online. In fact if long term success is your goal, it is important to not misrepresent your product or business in any way. Building trust and integrity is important insofar as they are intangible assets which help lead to the long term success. The difference between using hype or fundamentally sound sales copy are reviewed above and show how hype may get the short term sale, but it can hinder your long term business development. In the end building trust and credibility is what is needed for long term success online and using hype simply will not do that!

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TJ Philpott is an author and Internet entrepreneur based out of North Carolina.
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