How effective is auricular therapy for smoking cessation? Very effective, it is also drug-free, pain-free and less cumbersome. It is a unique treatment protocol that manages to free the patient from the craving for tobacco.

Safe Method for Smoking Cessation – Auricular Therapy

The FDA-approved auriculotherapy method is really safe and has been proven in more than 35 years of use. Though pregnant women and individuals using pacemakers are cautioned about possible side effects, auricular therapy is without risks for most other individuals and is probably the most effective tool for smoking cessation. Moreover, the treatment is cost-effective and is generally offered by healthcare centers that provide comprehensive care, and effective rehabilitation programs.

How Auricular Therapy Works

Auriculotherapy involves tapping on certain points on the ear, which balances the chemicals that cause addictions and the craving for tobacco. The outer ear nerves are micro-electrically stimulated. This stimulation causes the release of endorphins, which are naturally occurring substances that eliminate nicotine craving and withdrawal symptoms from the brain immediately. It is also extremely convenient for busy individuals, as smoking cessation programs involving auricular therapy treatment and the orientation take only about an hour.

Targeting the Core Processes Contributing to Smoking

Auricular therapy is an approach targeting not the psychological processes that cause the smoker to reach for a pack of cigarettes, but the addiction to nicotine – the indications given to the body by the brain to reach out for more nicotine. It addresses the physical processes behind the desire to smoke by intercepting the messages sent by the brain to the body and disrupting the process. Hence auriculotherapy is more effective than other smoking cessation programs. The principle behind it is similar to acupuncture but with the exception of needles and pain. The treatment is so effective that it has been known to reduce cravings from more than 20 cigarettes per day to less than 5.

Smoking Cessation Dealt with Successfully

Auricular therapy contributes to smoking cessation by not only reducing the cravings but by reinforcing the individual’s will power and reducing the agitation of the nervous system when the craving is at its highest point. This really makes the person stop smoking as this smoking cessation program deals comprehensively with all the elements that contribute to the process. Most patients have also not reported significant withdrawal symptoms. Often, a single treatment is enough to relieve cravings though in some cases two treatments might be required.

The vast majority of successful cases, and the safety and cost-effectiveness of the procedure make it clear that smoking cessation is best achieved through auriculotherapy. Not only is auricular therapy effective for smoking cessation, but it is also provided by high-tech healthcare facilities with experienced professionals catering to all the needs of patients, even providing follow-up to the treatment.

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