As you may or may not know already, EFT is a way to break through any blocks in your path to health success and happiness. These blocks are made of energy, or better understood as imprints in your mind-body.

You may have tried affirmations, hypnotherapy, psychotherapy, NLP, anti-depressants, Mindfulness, or just plain will-power, and still find yourself nervous in some situations. You may well wonder why. Let me explain.

Imagine a perfect landscape in Nature, made up of trees, bushes, flowers, hillsides, and valleys, where you can hear the gentle water of a flowing stream and the chirping of birds, feel the sunshine smile on the whole of this beautiful wonder in a warm embrace and just enjoy this peaceful scene. It is perfect, as Nature intended. Now imagine a terrible infestation destroying those healthy trees. The birds have little place in which to build their nests, so the chirping decreases, the place feels empty, and the sunshine seems to glare rather than smile. We can certainly re-introduce more birds to this landscape, but they will only fly away, because the place carries the imprint of the disease and no longer functions as well. We can pretend nothing is wrong, but the diseased trees are still sick, and no amount of positive thinking is going to put them right. We tried treating the trees with chemicals but the chemicals had unexpected side-effects of killing some of the birds as well. What we need to do is to chop down and burn all the diseased trees and bushes. Then new trees and bushes will sprout and grow healthy and strong. This beautiful landscape will thrive and flourish once more. The birds will be back, singing happily, The stream once again nourishes the strong trees, bushes, and flowers. The sunshine once again smiles on this serene landscape of joy.

When we are born, most of us are like this perfect landscape or as near to it as possible. But as life events happen to us, some negative events leave an imprint on us. This is just like the disease that ate away at those trees. Our own internal landscape suffers as a result, carrying the energy imprint made by those negative life events. Even after the events are long gone, we still do not feel 100 percent right. There is a nervousness that shows itself up and we are not the confident happy people that we somehow feel we should be. There is something not right.

EFT, otherwise known as Emotional Freedom Techniques or Tapping, has the power to step-by-step safely chop down and burn away all those unwanted imprints. Our internal landscape is then restored to the beautiful smiley sunshine scene and our hearts sing with bright confidence.

Too good to be true? Well, that was what I first thought. For a whole year. And then I downloaded a free EFT guide and tried it for myself. I was intrigued and learned more. All I can see is that for me and my clients, it really does what it says – Emotional Freedom. Try it, find out more, maybe you (or yours) can benefit too. Like trying on a new outfit, that part is usually free and fairly easily available in many places online. If you like it, that is great. If it does not suit you, that is OK too. And you did not even have to go out to a shop to try it on.

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