ERP software systems improve organization's ROI by bringing many changes in the working right from its implementation these changes improve efficiency of the organization immensely to provide higher ROI. ERP system is not a simple software, this has the capability to replace small systems working in each department with a module of its own which can approximate features of old system and integrate all the modules to provide seamless flow of information across entire organization. The availability of accurate information in real time is responsible for improving the working of organization in many ways leading to higher ROI. ERP software systems cannot help a company in generating more business instead ERP software systems improve organization's ROI by making it fitter to get more business.

Right from implementation ERP brings changes in the working of the organization; the first step of implementation provides an exhaustive analysis of entire working of the organization and also identification of unproductive, duplicate and redundant processes. Replacing such processes with efficient and productive ones improves efficiency and productivity of the organization and also saves valuable time and money to improve organization's ROI.

ERP software systems improve organization's ROI by automating processes. Automation reduces chances of mistakes, wrong entries, saves manpower, time and also cost. Elimination of mistakes and utilization of manpower in more productive work rather than regular repetitive tasks improves productivity and brings down cost of production. Lower cost of production increase profit margins and improve organization's ROI.

ERP software systems improve organization's ROI by streamlining entire supply chain management. Automation and information available at the click of a button enables better management of inventory, purchases and production planning. All of these tasks reduce cost of production, avoid delays, avoid excessive inventory, optimum utilization of production units and ensure timely supply of finished product. ERP software systems also help in improving relationship with suppliers and identification of vendors with best offers and services. All of these advantages simplify handling of SCM to increase ROI.

Improved customer relationship, better services, better quality of product and prompt response are other factors which allow ERP system to improve organization's ROI. With ERP customer representatives get access to all the information they need like credit limit of customer, payment performance, availability of stocks, shipping date etc which increase list of satisfied customers. With better utilization of resources and automation organization can devote more time and resources for improving quality of finished product. With better customer relationship feedback and complaints of customers are available to the management which also helps in improving quality as well as incorporating new features in the product or services for strengthening credibility of the organization in the market. All of these advantages of ERP system improve organization's ROI.

Enterprise resource planning is immensely useful in lowering cost of production. It reduces lead time to increase production cycles, it enables optimum utilization of production units, better job scheduling, enhanced warehouse management and reduces wastage in the form scraps and defects. These changes increase production without increasing cost in the same ratio which means company has more finished products in the same time and at little extra cost. All of these benefits provided by ERP software improve organization's ROI by increasing profit margins.

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