Addiction is a huge problem many people go through and it's a very dangerous. It can lead to a lot of diseases, even death. Some people take drugs or alcohol voluntarily because they like the feeling they get from taking them, and it's sometimes involuntary because the body is so used to these substances that the body kind of asks for it. Addiction can happen with other things besides alcohol or drugs and it is all a hazard one way or another. It is a good thing though that this is something that can be dealt with through rehabilitation and one of the things recommended for rehab patients is to get exercise.

Addiction is usually caused by some form of depression or anxiety that a person feels. This person finds a safety blanket of some sort that will make things better for them and this could be anything from food to drugs to alcohol so long as that thing brings comfort to the person who is doing them. What brings these people to addiction is that they program themselves to believe that their safety blanket will always make them happy. So even when they are actually happy, they still do it making it a habit which leads to addiction.

Studies have been done to see how a daily exercise routine would affect a patient in rehab, and 70% of the patients who followed a daily exercise routine were able to complete their treatment and remained sober even after leaving rehab. Similar research was made to prove that those who did not participate in daily exercise relapsed after leaving rehab. Exercise helps fight the stress which causes depression and anxiety. This lessens the possibility of addiction or actually helps treat it because our body releases endorphins when we exercise which are basically happy hormones. They lift up our mood and give us a feeling of confidence. Working out also allows a person some time to think and deal with their problems that may have led to the addiction. Exercise also flushes out any toxins that drugs or alcohol has brought to the body. These toxins may cause diseases or further the depression. Exercise also promotes good blood circulation that helps with cleaning the blood.

You need to remember to talk to your doctor and ask for their recommendation first so they can help create a program that would best suit you. And of course, other than exercise, they would also be able to advise you on the proper diet you need to completely clean your body and ultimately get rid of the addiction.

Fighting addiction is oftentimes difficult, but when the effort put forth is strong and consistent, you can certainly overcome addiction and return to your former healthier self.

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