When you have asthma, it is harder to have a hobby than people who don't for the simple reason that you get tired and run out of breath faster. Most people with asthma are too careful that they neglect themselves of most daily activity fearing an asthma attack. But on the contrary, asthma sufferers can actually do some activities to help with their asthma. If you have asthma, you don't have to worry about exercising as this can in fact help you.

It is important that before you do any exercise that you consult with your doctor for their recommendation and that you always have your inhaler ready. Getting advise from your doctor should be your number one priority. Working out can help with improving your asthma over time. Many experts advise people who have asthma to take time to exercise because it can help with managing your breathing, improving your posture and relaxing which are aspects that affect your asthma. Choose an exercise that you can handle to avoid tiring yourself. Simple and easy exercises for about 30 minutes a day should be enough. An important note as well is to use your inhaler at least 15 minutes before you start working out.

Cardio exercises are highly recommended for people with asthma because this helps with proper breathing and keeping your heart strong. Walking might be the best cardio for asthma sufferers as it is the easiest. Once you have set a pace, you can start with some running too. Yoga is also an option before doing aerobics. Yoga can help with proper breathing other than just improving your flexibility. Another good exercise that can help with your breathing is swimming. Don't forget to start slowly with any exercise that you do before taking it to the next level. Start your workout with stretching and always cool down after.

When doing your exercises, make sure that you always have your inhaler available. Getting an attack while you workout is okay. All you have to do is rest and, if you still can, do another round. If you get another attack, you have to stop. When you exercise, a great idea is to breathe through your nose and not through your mouth because that can trigger asthma attacks. Breathing through your mouth allows cold air to enter directly to your bronchial tubes while breathing through your nose filters the air that you breathe. Make sure that you exercise in a place that has minimal pollution and allergens like pollens. And always have someone with you when you workout and let that person know that you have asthma.

Managing your asthma is fairly easy. Just make sure that you take the necessary precautions to avoid making your condition worse. Having asthma should not hinder you from doing activities to maintain your fitness. You simply have to remember that moderation is key.

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