Facebook wants their user to have better experience so Facebook algorithm has been fine tuned to show the post according to the user behavior.
Do you know how Facebook fills your newsfeed?
Facebook Algorithm fills your newsfeed based on these 4 Steps
According to Facebook the average user has 1500 stories competing to appear in their newsfeed.
Facebook algorithms then select 300 of these stories based on their rankings of how relevant each story is to that user.
This is how your Facebook newsfeed is filled. If you want to grow in the field of DIGITAL MARKETING Follow “PACELABTECHNOLOGY”

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Lokesh obtained Masters in Computer Science from Coventry University and MBA from University of Leicester in England. As the CEO of PaceLab, Lokesh vision is to help brands connect with the customers globally driving sales and revenue for the success of the firm.
Lokesh served in Chief Architect Designer for Marks and Spencer in United Kingdom. In this role, he was pivotal in developing the firm’s strategy in bringing efficiencies into their distribution channel system across United Kingdom, this played key role as the brand expanded across their product lines and reducing the time to market with products.