As it is often said “you reap what you sow”, in a similar way, it is true that the children become a xerox copy of what you teach them. The world is changing with each passing day, the technological and the financial changes are taking place throughout. It becomes the responsibility of a parent to teach their children about the subsequent changes taking place.

Both, technological and financial markets have grown to an extent that they benefit the population in wide variety of ways. Making the youth aware of the existing changes is something that depends upon the adult population. Due to these transformations, it has now become easy to get money through financial sources like loans without guarantor.

Earlier, when people had to spend the whole day(s) in hectic queues in banks to get the loans, the process has now become comparatively simpler due to the new changes coming into existence. An ample number of direct lenders are present there in the market to offer easy loans online to the prospective borrowers.

In order to enjoy the maximum benefits of the evolutions taking place around you, one of the most important things is to stay active and aware of the things taking place in your surroundings. If you are familiar with the environment around you and the changes, it is giving rise to, it is important to transfer the knowledge to your younger ones. Telling your children verbally, about the same is not the only way to create financial literacy among the population.


At the time when your child is not even capable to adapt to the changes and does not even know how the finances affect them, you can still convey to them its importance. An easy alternative for the same is to start giving your children pocket money. Ask them to spend the whole month with their pocket money. This lets them know the actual value that money holds. Thus, using the pounds more efficiently and effectively.

Under the age of 7 years

Children under the age of seven years, when have an access to a limited amount of pocket money, start to possess the skills of saving and valuing the money more accurately. Counting of money and frequent efforts of saving them improves the mathematical skills of children as well. If you see that your child is not much of a “saving” person, try to tell him/her at this stage, why and how saving a certain amount can help them in future urgent time turner situations. This age is an immature age where children usually do not possess the financial literacy, nor do they wish to. Playing simple games with them, which involve money, can be a help for making them aware of the finances and their importance.

Between 7 - 11 years

This is the age where the younger ones are comparatively rational but are not too mature as well. They have a quite better mathematical skill but when it comes to financial skills, they are still “kids”. This is the age where you can choose to sit and tell your children about the value that money holds. They might not get 100% of what you tell them but at least 50% can also be of a great help. Purchase a piggy bank to help them develop a habit of making savings every day.

Between 12 – 16 years

At this age, a child is capable enough to make healthy and mature decisions. This is the time when you should start teaching them different ways of money management. In addition, it is going to be more beneficial when you should start letting him/her take part in family budgeting. Also, the same habit will grow amongst your children if you start to appreciate them for their efforts in saving some money each month and using the same in future for a better cause.


This is the time when your child is in his young adult years. By this time, a kid gets the knowledge of higher mathematical concepts that used to calculate the interest rates and percentage rates. This knowledge can further be used by them at the times of the future financial shortages that might be coming their way. You can give them an idea about how to calculate the interest rates over different loans like while getting loans with no guarantor.

An economy takes steps towards a better future if the young population have financial literacy. The above listed steps are going to help you create financial knowledge among your little ones for their better future.

An economy takes steps towards a better future if the young population have financial literacy. The above listed steps are going to help you create financial knowledge among your little ones for their better future.

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