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Duties of Personal Financial Advisors
Personal financial advisors typically do the following:

Meet with clients in person to discuss their financial goals
Explain the types of financial services they provide to potential clients
Educate clients and answer questions about investment options and potential risks
Recommend investments to clients or select investments on their behalf
Help clients plan for specific circumstances, such as education expenses or retirement
Monitor clients' accounts and determine if changes are needed to improve financial performance or to accommodate life changes, such as getting married or having children
Research investment opportunities

How Financial Marketing Models different from other Professions

Let’s consider some examples to make this clear. Do you think attorneys charge a lot? They have to because it's difficult to make a process out of the work they do. Each client is a separate consulting project. But notice that doctors set themselves up as a process. Each patient gets 20 minutes:

4 minutes to ask questions
8 minutes to examine the patient
8 minutes to administer a treatment, prescribe a drug, or refer to a specialist

So, the average physician has done much better than the average financial adviser in making their practice into a process rather than a project. However, you can go one step further by turning your practice into a business.
Earn More When the Clock is Not Involved
Most people think that attorneys and doctors are high earners. In fact, their earnings are limited by their time.

The only way to earn more is
to raise fees (there is a limit to that) or
work more hours
Financial advisors can do much better.

A few financial professionals have successfully converted their practice to a business. Here's the distinction. When you have a practice, it only generates revenues when you are producing. A business, however, produces revenues whether you're present or not.

Recently, I spoke to a top-producing stockbroker who told me he was out of the office for two weeks of the previous month, yet he generated gross commissions of $1 million. It was clear he had set up his practice as a business that operated independently of his presence and was designed and staffed by competent people who could continue the business in his absence. Let's look at how that's done.

What to do for Increasing Leads
First, you need to design a revenue model that generates revenues unrelated to your time investment. If you spend your day cold calling, that makes you a slave to your phone. Another adviser, who conducts a fee-based business, generates fees whether he is physically present in his office or not. Therefore, your financial advisor marketing must have at its core the acquisition of recurring revenue clients.

The Right Staff for Superior Financial Advisor Marketing
Secondly, you need qualified staff to carry on the business in your absence. At a minimum, a licensed service assistant who cannot only service clients but also take trades, write policies and follow up on notes you have left to generate additional business. The process of any financial services business is converting strangers to prospects and then to clients. Any well-trained service assistant can act on this process of converting strangers to prospects (by implementing a direct mail program) or help convert prospects to clients by scheduling appointments for you. Ideally, you will have both a service assistant who handles current client needs and a separate sales assistant who generates new prospects and clients.

Third, you need to design systems and processes for your staff. Many people with practices run each day by the seat of their pants. So, when they are not present, very little can get done because systems, processes, and procedures don't exist to get anything accomplished. Designing such systems and processes is hard mental work. It takes time to refine the systems once you start using them. But the payoff is a business that operates successfully and generates revenues in your absence

How to Convert Prospects to Clients in Your Sleep
Financial professionals pursue a frenzy of financial advisor marketing activities, always looking for the Holy Grail. But many fail to develop any one idea to its ultimate conclusion and point of greatest profitability.
Here’s an example. You hold a seminar. Forty people attend. You get appointments with 12. You do business with six. You decide the results were okay, but not stupendous. So, you try the next thing….

What about those six who met with you and did not do business? What about the 28 who came to your seminar and did not make an appointment? If you write them off now, you’re almost assured that they will never do business with you. So, stop and consider why they did not pursue business with you. There are only two reasons:
1.They do not trust you (this also can mean they are not comfortable with you or you do not have sufficient credibility to get them to buy)
2.The timing is not right

Both of the above reasons can change with time. So do not repeat these mistakes

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