Just about everyone today is looking for ways to lose weight, and what you eat is just as important if not even more so, than how much you exercise. The foods you eat will affect your energy levels as well as other aspects of your health that affect your weight, such as your appetite, your blood sugar, and your metabolism.

One thing you might consider to help you lose weight is to eat foods high in protein. There are many reasons why protein is such a great tool for those looking to lose weight, and if you understand just a bit about how the body works when it consumes protein, you'll better understand its value.


Your appetite is probably one of the biggest enemies when losing weight. Most people who try to lose weight battle hunger pains all day, every day. One good reason to choose foods high in protein for weight loss is that protein helps to control your appetite. Protein contains a chemical that tells your brain that you're full; other foods don't have this chemical. Think of how difficult it is to over eat meat, which is almost pure protein. You can eat sugar and carbohydrates without ever feeling full, but when you eat protein your stomach will feel full very quickly.


How does protein affect metabolism? Your metabolism is the rate at which you burn calories, when active and at rest. Those with a higher metabolism are burning more calories per minute, which of course is helpful with weight loss. One way to raise your metabolism is to increase your body's muscle mass. The body needs to work harder to support and feed the muscles, more so than body fat. The more muscle you have, the higher your metabolism, meaning the more calories you burn every minute.

Protein helps to build and feed muscles. Muscles are made up of protein more than anything else, so when you eat more protein you're likely to have more lean muscle mass. This will mean a higher metabolism.

In Place of Other Foods

Protein also typically has fewer calories per ounce than other foods, which means that using high protein meal replacement diets can help you to lose weight. If you're eating more protein when you might instead be eating fat or sugar, you're probably going to be taking in fewer calories overall and yet not feel hungry.

When you choose meal replacement diets, be sure you choose those that are high in protein. Some shakes and bars and other products are very high in sugar and may be just as nutritious as a dessert. Read the labels and take note of the protein count so you can make the right choice.

Eating protein is just part of losing weight, but it can be a very important aspect for success. It can help you to feel fuller and to build the muscle that's important to having a trim figure and keeping your weight under control.

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