Forex trading is the trading and exchanging of money in foreign exchange market. Different financial centers located all over the world function as the main source of exchange between different buyers and sellers. Forex market is the world’s largest market to trade the currency of any particular all over the world. Forex trading helps different businesses to convert their local currency into any international form allowing them to trade their merchandise in any part of the world. In any of the Forex Trading transaction, a person at one end purchases a quantity of any currency by paying the amount of the other to any of the dealer in foreign exchange market.

Forex trading is only possible when the national bank of each country fix the exchange rate, the main idea behind this is that the central banks within a country uses these rate of exchange to analyze the behavior of their own currency. Different bankers are considered experts in trading the currency, but most of the time trading is done by a Forex broker, there is nothing to stop any one of them because both are consider as legal traders. Forex trading helps different buyers and sellers to buy the currency they are required to buy for their business and sellers who have earned different currency and they want it to exchange in any other form of currency. According to the survey of wall street journal in Europe, the ten most active traders hold the 73% of the total volume of this trading. Since Forex stands for foreign exchange therefore all transaction are made upon currency pair, and the system in which trading works is the ratio of exchange which helps to determine the value of the currencies between two countries. This is obvious that a certain amount of risk is involved during trading because of regular ups and downs of the exchange rates which makes a businessman unable to determine when to go for an exchange or when to hold their own currencies. But this can be minimize to the greater extent if business people hire different Forex brokers or analysts who can help them to determine the rate of exchange of future

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