Every business needs a designer to work up its branding, visual media, and setups its online presence through an online corporate website and social media platforms. But not all businesses can startup by contacting some big design studio to supply its design needs. This is where freelance designers come in.

Although some might assume that they will be risking quality for their budget, yet that is not necessarily true. On the contrary. Whether you need a brand corporate identity, a full on trendy website, a mobile application design, a motion graphic video, or even print media, you can easily find reliable experienced freelancers online.

On behance.net you will find several freelance graphic designers who offer such services and more, all with their own style and unique touch. By browsing their creative portfolios and different projects on Behance, you will get a very good idea of a freelancer’s work and design style before even contacting them. That is why all professional graphic designers have a professional profile and portfolio. For example: Fida A.R is an experienced and creative freelance Digital Designer, who regularly displays her professional work on Behance & on her website https://fidaasad.myportfolio.com/.

With more than 10 years of experience as a designer and animator, Fida A.R continues to being a freelancer on a Senior professional level, offering her design services through Behance.

What should you pay attention to?

In addition to a style that suits you, there are a number of other factors that play an important role in choosing a freelance graphic designer. You have a specific goal in mind with the desired design. For example, if you have a banner or advertisement to design, it should appeal to your target audience. A sharp and creative graphic designer would walk you through a design briefing process and take all these factors into account. If your freelance designer offers promises without explaining their process or writing up a creative brief for your ad, it is unlikely that the result would turn out as you would hope.

What Can A Freelance Graphic Designer Mean For Your Business?

It is vital that a business works with a specific graphic designer for all their visual media. To have a proper professional brand image, it js important to be consistent with the brand guidelines and styles and therefore working with several designers can result in a confusing image.

It is important to have a dedicated designer to lay out any type of printed matter, create advertisements, brand your visual identity (logo), design your website, mobile application (UX), business card, stationery, and so much more. Although one may not realize it, If you look around the street you will see a whole world of designed media from brochures to posters, flyers, magazines, packages, catalogs, book covers, labels, gift vouchers, invitations, roll-up banners and more. So what better way to keep up with your business’s design needs than by having your dedicated creative freelancer work remotely for you and deliver you excellent quality.

Why You Need to Hire Freelance Graphic Designers?

Working with freelancers offers many advantages for small businesses. We list here the most important plus points:

That is a smart idea! A good graphic designer is more than a few good hands. He/she has a unique approach, thinks outside the box offering different perspectives and fresh ideas that you sometimes need. Especially if you are so obsessed with your own business that you stop seeing beyond what is.

Try something out. You could start with a small design task that will lead you to the designer of choice for a full-on high end project. Even bad or failed designs tell you something about your image: what does not work!

It is your baby. The right designer will send out the identity of your company and the message successfully and give you a proud feeling.

Continuity counts. A visual identity of a brand or product needs continuity to be efficient. Keeping your brand fresh is also very important.

Save yourself the headache. Designers know exactly how to deliver the designs flawlessly and how the desired result has to be achieved.

Finding the right design studio or marketing agency can take a while - Big companies and design studios can be very competitive, pricey, and may be commercial. Narrowing the search down to one you like and can afford can be a real headache and time waster!

A Case in Display

A graphic designer like Fida A.R can offer a diverse skill set of design needs, from Webdesign, to Facebook & Social Media Post Designs, Mobile Application and Platform Design (UX), Animated Graphic Videos, Infographics, Storyboarding, Company Branding, Company Profile designs and so much more.

You can easily browse Fida’s previous and current work on her Behance profile https://www.behance.net/fidastance and make personal contact. When you visit her portfolio, not only can you see the design process and final outcome for each project, but you can also catch new design ideas and be inspired!

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Misty Jhones